Gain Sales by Building Relationships

What I want to talk to you about today is something our country is lacking. It’s something the world can’t do without. It’s people filled with an entrepreneurial passion ! And yet, they’re a dying breed. I occasionally hear from clients who are looking to start a home business, and they say to me, “Andrew, I don’t know what kind of home business to start.”

So if that’s you… If you want to start a business, get into sales, or just learn a way to build trust quickly and share your ideas with others, I want to speak directly to you today. Because if you have any interaction with human beings on a daily basis, that means you are in sales,. You are constantly selling your ideas, companionship, values, and business. So listen up!

If you want to be successful in sales, you have to have successful people skills. Think about the last time you saw a Facebook post where one of your friends went on and on about their product or their new band… How interested were you to read that? I want you to keep that example in your head while I explain the two sides to this coin.

Make it about them. When you approach someone and shove your product, opinion, or idea down their throat, they probably will go on the defensive. If you want to disarm people, you have to make it about them. Not about your product, not about you. If you show genuine interest in your prospects, you will be unusually successful.
Find a need and fill it. If you’re wondering where to start in your home business, start here. Where is there a gap in your community that you see a need? Where in your friends’ lives do you see a great need?
If you’re having trouble figuring out what people want, use this quick cheat sheet of things everyone wants. By simply talking to others and listening, THEY will tell you what they want and how to sell to them.

ALL people want to feel special & important.
ALL people want to be honored.
ALL people like to be encouraged.
ALL people need to feel valued.
ALL people like to talk about themselves.
It would be great to have all people using this cheat sheet to communicate with people. And it would be even better to empower each other to get back to our entrepreneurial roots! Forward this email, post this link on your social media platforms, and let’s help our families, colleagues, and neighbours feel encouraged and inspired.

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