Your Past + Your Present = Your Future

I recently read this comment on Facebook from one of our clients, I’ve been able to double my income each year. However, how do I multiply that even more?”

I’ve got to tell you, I seriously chuckled and my knee-jerk reaction was…is there a problem here?! Since you’ve been doing this business you have doubled your income each year and now you want to know how to multiply it?

First of all, you already HAVE multiplied it! When this woman first came, she was totally struggling financially and couldn’t figure out how to get ahead. She couldn’t figure out how to pay off debt or grow her income. So, after a couple of years of doubling her income each year she says, “Okay, that was easy, I’ve got that thing dialed. But, how do I MULTIPLY it?” Not even realizing that she already HAS multiplied each year …it’s already BEEN multiplied.

But, I can totally relate! When I first started making money something else came with it. A sense I had to keep it up or even do far more than I had done before. And how easily and how quickly we can forget where we have come from!

When I was about 19-20 years old I encountered my first millionaire. This group of entrepreneurs completely – I mean COMPLETELY – changed my life. This is so funny: I remember this millionaire constantly saying to me, “how do you eat an elephant?” And I’m answering, “Uhhh, I dunno.” The answer: one bite at a time! Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Now, why in the world would he say that to me? I never really figured it out until years later. It’s because, obviously, on my face I must have had this look of maybe anxiety or rush like I’ve got to get there or make it NOW!

Have you ever had that? It’s almost like there’s a racehorse inside of you trying to say, “C’mon, c’mon, let me out!” You know, the racehorse sitting in the gate and the starting gun goes off but your gate is still closed and you’re c’mon let me out of here!

Anyway, he would say these things to me every once in a while like: “Rome wasn’t built in a day.” “You’ve got to eat that elephant one bite at a time!” Now I say the same things to you, if you’re one of those people who says, “Hey, I AM doing better but how do I get more!?”

Just sit there for a moment and go, “Wow! Let me look back to where I’ve come from and look at how far I’ve come and the ground I have taken.” You’ve got to celebrate. Otherwise, where you are can feel very empty and not only is it empty, but not very rewarding, which then makes it really not worth it.

If I do that, I’ll stay on the same path, take more ground, achieve more things and most of all keep moving forward. Instead, what I watch people do when they reach a goal – in this case doubling her income each year for several years now – is now the doubling is no longer being recognized as an all-out miracle, literally!

Who doubles their income every year in this bad economy? I’ll tell you who: People who hook up to the potential that they can earn working for themselves being part of this business. THEY double their income year after year, that’s who! I don’t know of anyone else outside our community. But I do know our clients just grow and grow and grow because our culture is a culture of growth.

Too often in that culture people forget where they were, the struggles they had, how it felt to worry about all those bills. How it felt to have sleep completely robbed by a thief in the night called anxiety. How it felt to be fighting with your spouse, snappy with your kids and to be waving with one finger to people in traffic who were so easily angering you.

I made a commitment to myself a long time ago that I would never forget where I came from because I don’t EVER want to get used to all of this success and lose sight of the very, very demeaning, embarrassing, hurtful and hard beginning that I had.

Face it, if I lost sight of that, then the blessing I have today of being a successful entrepreneur of multiple companies and having great friends & family to hang out with, and travelling together, would be so empty.

And of course, I get to connect with my colleagues & team members which are SO talented, so brilliant, who just blow my mind and not to mention, YOU – who I get to work with each day! Each day, we get to touch each other’s lives, whether it’s right here with The Daily Thoughts or on Facebook or Twitter.

Sometimes when we put a little too much focus on where we’re going and what we want to be it makes us dissatisfied with where we’re at after we’ve had some incredible success, there’s a problem. There’s got to be a balance.

Don’t forget about where you’ve come from and as you are succeeding, take a moment to say, “Wow, look how far I’ve come!” And let THAT success propel you into greater success. So, in this case, her income has already been multiplied and if all she does is stay on the right track and continue to do what she’s already been doing for the last two years, she’s going to continue to multiply her income even more.

Take a moment to celebrate the things you HAVE achieved. That is proof you are going to have more success in the future as long as you continue on the right track. I’m proud of you and thanks for being here and reading every day. I’m so glad you share these messages with your family and your friends and ask that you continue to pass these messages on — it only takes two seconds and you know the power these ideas can ignite.

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