Start seeing your Vision

Hey Friend,
I have a question for you today, and I really want you to take the time to think about it and answer honestly. It is a question with the power to literally change the course and outcome of your life… FOREVER.

What is your vision? What things have you dreamed of doing in your lifetime? When you were young, you had places you wanted to go, things you wanted to do, things you wanted to be. Do you remember what those dreams looked like? What happened to them?

Friend, there’s something you have to understand. There are very few people in the world today who have real vision.

In my early days, I had no vision. My biggest dream was to get a job & eventually maybe get married & have kids. That is a really tiny vision! It really doesn’t even qualify as vision, but that was my dream. My dream had nothing to do with finances, traveling around the world, helping other people or even raising great kids. I just didn’t want my kids or me to be treated badly.

So, how do you go from having no vision to having a huge, passionate vision worthy of living for? How do you get a vision that drives you, that is meaningful and purposeful, that makes you get out of bed in the morning?

How did I get from where I was to where I am now? It’s really simple.

If you don’t have a big vision for your life, that’s okay! Hang out with people who DO have vision, and it will rub off on you. That’s what happened to me.

I started hanging out with people of vision, and their vision became my vision. It wasn’t until someone else talked about living a financially independent life with great relationships and honorable children that I said, “Hey, that’s a great idea!” In all reality, my vision was an accumulation of several other people’s visions.

Then you get to a certain place in your life and a level of belief in yourself and your personal development when you say, “I wonder if I can do it THIS way…” So you set a goal, make a plan and take action to make it happen.

But Friend, today I want to take it a step further than just getting vision. The reality is, nothing becomes dynamic until it becomes specific.

It’s easy to say, “I want to help people.” But years will go by and you will still be saying, “I really want to help people!” It’s time to get SPECIFIC!

Do you want to feed orphans in Nicaragua? Do you want to build an orphanage in Belize? Do you want to rescue kids from the sex trade in Thailand? Do you want to take care of the elderly in your own city? When will you start? What supplies do you need? How will you do it? How much will it cost?

You must have a specific vision, and goals and plans to back it up. It cannot be some pie-in-the-sky idea floating around out there. Until you take the pie out of the sky, get the ingredients, prepare the pie and put it in the oven, you will end up with NO PIE!

You’ve got to set a goal, make a plan and take the necessary steps to make it happen.

So Friend, what is your vision? And WHY do you want to do it? If you do not know why you are doing what you’re doing, you will quit when it gets hard. Your vision will never carry you forward until you know the reason that drives you to do it. If your why isn’t big enough, you will quit at the first roadblock. You will be easily distracted by every other cool idea that comes along.

Today, I encourage you to really think about this. What is your vision? What is your why? And what is your plan to make it happen?

Like I said earlier, if you do not have a vision, that is okay! Now you know how to get a vision. And I promise you, if you hang around this blog community, and stay connected with the amazing people on our Facebook page, you will become a person of vision!

Take a moment right now to pass this message on to your friends, family and colleagues. We can all use a boost to strengthen our vision and keep us on the right track, so share this email and post this link on your Facebook and Twitter today!