You Are A Leader – Andrew Chenery


Hi Friends,
Looking out of my home office window this morning here in sunny Felixstowe UK, this is my view , the sky is a deep blue & the plants are looking like spring & new growth is here. I would like to continue my theme on leadership and how it involves you all.

You might not believe you actually are a leader, you might not have the title or you believe you lack the skills. However you still have a “circle of influence.” What is that, Andrew? A circle of influence is quite literally the circle of people, friends, family, children affected by your thoughts and decisions.

And surprisingly, 98% of people ignore their circle of influence, as if it’s of no consequence. But everything you do, from your lifestyle down to the restaurants where you prefer to eat, is spread throughout this circle. While most of this influence might seem minor, it can also lead to major, important, big BIG things.

One major influence you constantly broadcast to the world is your financial choices. The clothes you wear, the food you buy, the photos you post on Facebook of new purchases or the fights with your spouse over it all.

You see, your kids will spend over 14,000 hours in school through to the 6th form. But there won’t be anyone teaching them how to balance a bank account, how to save and invest money or how to make wise purchases.

Most likely they will pick up all of your habits and their ideas about money from you. Mix those habits with the constant stream of consumerism from the media and your child has just been groomed to fail financially. Before they even think about higher education, student loans, home mortgages or retirement they are already being groomed to fall flat on their face.

The worst part is most parents hide their true financial status from their children. So not only do you have possible bad habits, but now you are hiding them and giving your child a false view of finances. As a parent, you have to be aware that you have one of the most important leadership positions of all. You are grooming the minds of the next generation! In fact, even if you aren’t a parent… you might be a teacher, a nanny, a paediatrician, a coach or anyone who has frequent interaction with today’s youth.

You might be freaking out a little that the damage is done – but it isn’t too late! The truth is, you probably inherited your mindset on money from your parents. But don’t panic… you have total control over changing it! You have total control over influencing your children.

Stop hiding the truth or constantly fighting about your finances! This is big-time stuff they need to know and it’s never too early to start including your kids.
That’s why I decided to quit the Rat Race & start working for myself, I knew if I carried on with my current job or even changed company for a few pounds more that my future wouldn’t change for the better. Even if I worked overtime or got a second job – my life wouldn’t improve, because although money is important to love, time is much more important & getting the time & money balance right is so important. Now I have freedom of time for the important things and I have financial peace, that’s why I started & to show others how to do that.

So let’s do what we can to help groom the next generation for success. Leave me your comments and please Like and Share today’s message.

That’s it for today – stay blessed & remember this is your life – how are you going to live it?

Andrew 🙂

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