Do you have a Lottery Mentality?

Hi friends,

When we were laying on the beach recently in Egypt after snorkelling off the coral drop off, I had an overwhelming sense of thankfulness to the people who got us started in this business, who showed us the opportunity, who believed in us and who were there when we had questions that needed answering, who kicked us back into action when we went quiet. Now we are so thankful for that start.
Knowing that if we work hard for 5-7 years we can then enjoy the fruit of our labour and have no pension worries or our children’s future.

But what is your plan to top up your pension shortfall, what is your plan B if you like, will the £135 a week which I’m told is the current state pension, be enough for you to enjoy your pensionable, enjoyable old age? To do and have the things you’ve dreamed of doing and having when you retire?

It’s a known statistic that 55-60% of people believe the lottery will be their plan B for when they need it!
We always hear the headlines of the humble couple who have won the lottery, but that’s only 1-2 people. It was recently calculated that if you gave each lottery Loser – NOT Winner just 30 seconds on TV it would take 9 years to get through all the losers from just 1 lottery draw – scary fact.

So my question is what would you like to start doing today to change your destiny? If you’d like to take a look at what we do – we’d be happy to show you how simple this business is, anyone can do it and it works – it’s not selling it just showing.

If you’d like more info please email us at or call us on 01394549364 / 07930464461

Otherwise have an amazing day and stay blessed 🙂

Andrew Chenery

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