Sowing and Reaping –

sowing & reaping
Hi Friends,

Yesterday I talked with you about different ways to spend your tax refund this year. Everywhere you look, people are fighting over your “extra” money to get you to spend it on crap.

It seems like “if it feels good, do it” has become the standard of what is appropriate today. But it’s time for you move beyond that. It’s time to raise your standards… if you want to become part of that exclusive group of people who succeed financially in today’s world.

Nothing can replace the feeling of financial freedom, but sadly, 98% of the population will never know that feeling. The majority of people are waiting to win the lottery or to get their tax refund cheque, but the moment they have it, it’s gone!

Do you have a lottery mindset?

If you’re waiting for your tax refund or to win the lottery, you will never be financially independent. If you want to know how to become wise with your pocketbook, pay off debt and actually achieve financial success it starts with your choices.

I’ve already given you three tips on what to do with your tax refund, but today I have another 2 that could seriously help your finances and make you feel better than a new pair of shoes. The joy of buying “stuff” is temporary, financial independence can improve your whole life!

  1. Pay off debt. Use that hard-earned tax refund to pay off your debt. Instead of continuing to pay interest on something you bought 6 months or even years ago, use your tax refund toward eliminating your debt.
  2. Give. There’s a principle that has been around since the beginning of time, and it says if you give, you receive. You reap what you sow. A stingy man will be impoverished, but a generous giver will always have his needs met. I strongly recommend giving at least one pound out of every ten you make. Since my fiancee and I began consistent monthly giving, our needs have always been met. In fact, we have found even more comes back to us.

So you have a choice to make today. Which side of this story will you be on? Will you be one of the “98%ers”who will never know the feeling of financial independence? Or will you step up and make wise decisions that will set you up for long-term financial success? It’s up to you.

Listen, you and I both know our world is hurting today. There are millions of people who are struggling financially, and a lot of them are putting their hope in their tax refund cheque. But I believe the message you’re reading right now has the potential to help them to think bigger than a single refund cheque. I believe this can help them to cross over into that elite group of people who are living in financial freedom. So after you leave me your comments, make sure to Like and Share today’s message with your friends.

Have an amazing day whatever you are doing and wherever you are.

Until tomorrow – stay blessed


How to Spend Your Tax Refund –

Tax refund
Hi Friends,
I’m sat in my office this morning thinking about what happened to a friend yesterday, when he told me he’d had a nice tax refund from Her Majesty’s Government, and what he was going to spend it on, but it made me start thinking.

What is a tax refund? I know it may sound silly, but I really want you to think about it. What is it?

A tax refund is just that – a refund of your own hard-earned money. It is not a random gift or a stroke of good luck. It didn’t just come out of nowhere… and it’s NOT extra money. It’s money you worked hard to earn.

According to research  half of us receive refunds, averaging around £1500 each. And while that may seem like a huge relief to some people, it may look like a free shopping trip to others. But today I want us to look at what it really is.

See, we all live in a total “microwave” society today, where we do what we want, when we want, just because we can, without giving any thought to our financial future. And where has that got us? We have traded our financial freedom for more stuff, more debt and more bondage.

We fall into the trap of “more-more-more,” until we find ourselves buried alive in debt. So many people are in constant financial strain, and yet we are more concerned about our stuff than we are about our long-term financial future!

I know right now you’re saying, “Okay Andrew, so what does this have to do with my tax refund?”

There’s one rule proven to be true over and over again, and it is true here. Find out what everyone else is doing and do the exact opposite. You may have heard me say this before: 98% of the population will end up dead or dead broke by the age of 65, dependent on their friends, family, or the government as their main source of income. On the other hand, 2% are doing well financially.

So what can you do to cross over from the 98% to the 2% this tax season? Here are a few ideas:

  1. Keep your goals in mind. When you get a large, unexpected (or expected) chunk of money in your hand, it can be easy to lose sight of the financial goals you have set for yourself. Whether you have a goal to pay off £10,000 of debt, give £10,000 away to orphans, or invest £10,000 this year, do not lose sight of that goal!
  2. Resist temptation. There are all kinds of sales and advertisements, and even articles from so-called “financial experts” giving tons of ideas on how to spend your tax refund this year. They are trying to sell you everything from new clothes to a new BBQ, video games, or even a deposit on a new car. I’m telling you, don’t go there!
  3. Invest. So instead of spending your tax refund foolishly, choose to put that money aside for investing! This way you have a chance to make your money work for you without the fear of losing big.

Here’s what I know about you. You are not called to be one of those people. You were designed for wealth and freedom. How do I know that? Because you are here right now, reading this. Because you have a desire to succeed financially. You have a desire to see your children, your friends, and your community live debt-free, totally financially independent lives.

I would love to know what you think about today’s message. Are you getting (or have you got) a tax refund this year? What do you plan to do with it? I can’t wait to read your comments. But I also have a few more ideas on how to spend your tax refund that I can’t wait to share with you tomorrow. Stay tuned!

I pray you choose wisely today to invest your time and money into building your future not destroy it.

Have an awesome day & stay blessed


Get Paid For Doing Your Chores –

Cash pic

Hi Friends,

As we are on the crest of a new season, it is the perfect time to sit down and figure out what you would like to happen in the next few months. What would you like to accomplish, where would you like to go?

This is a great time to clean out your garage, de-clutter that attic, organize the cupboards and clean out your car. That probably wasn’t the fun answer you were looking for, but let me explain how all of this can actually HELP you out.

The season we are prepping to enter is all about fresh, new things. SO today I want to share a few fresh ideas to help you dump the old and fatten your wallet while you’re at it.

1. In the coming weeks, the weather will start getting nicer – it’s just got to… right!? So start planning a garage sale! As you’re cleaning your house, sorting through the clutter that has accumulated over the last year, and organizing the garage, use this opportunity to get rid of the things you no longer use. Have the kids grown out of their clothes and shoes? Do you have extra tools lying around that never get used? You can even get together with several other families and have a huge multi-family garage sale! This is a great way to make some quick cash AND rid your home of all that clutter.

2. As you are cleaning behind the washer and dryer or vacuuming the sofa cushions, start a coin collection. You’d be surprised how quickly coins add up between the cup holder in your car and the pile on your dressing table.

3. Stop going to the car wash. By cutting your own lawn, washing your car or pets at home, you will save pounds in the long run. Now that the weather will be more bearable there is no excuse to pay someone else to do work around the house.

Those may seem like 3 very small things that may not matter very much. But here’s what most people get wrong when it comes to money: They think they have to wait to pay off their debt until they can do it all at once. They think they have to make huge changes or no changes at all. They think the small changes or actions are insignificant, so they don’t make them.

But the TRUTH is, small, simple steps lead to big results. If you wait until you make more money or you win the lottery, or you can afford to pay off all your debt at once, you will stay broke and in debt the rest of your life.

So choose today to make the small changes. Choose to follow the tips I gave you today. And I would really love to hear your best spring cleaning tips as well – especially if they will help others save money or make money! Leave me your comments and be sure to Like and Share today’s message.

Stayed blessed and have an amazing day.


Get It Done –

Hi Friends,

Are you a procrastinator? As I talk about planting new seeds this week, have you been THINKING about sowing those new “crops” and not actually DOING it?

It is so easy to make excuses to not actually get anything done, right? You can always “Get to it tomorrow” or “When you feel better” or “When you’ve got more time” or whatever other new excuse you happen to come up with.

Procrastination can be caused by feeling overwhelmed, a fear of failure or disorganization. But it also can come from indecision, lack of vision or divided focus. I hear a lot of people claim they do their best work “under pressure”… is that you? Unfortunately, procrastination and pressure lead to mental fatigue, stress, anxiety, fear and unbelief.

Procrastinating might help you get by, but it won’t lead you down the path to success. The only thing you can do to beat procrastination is to take action.

If you are one of those suffering from chronic procrastination, try these steps to take action and achieve success.

Step 1: Create a vision. One of the leading causes of procrastination is failing to have a clear vision. When you have a lack of vision, it leaves room for all those little excuses and indecisiveness to take over.

Step 2: Take action. Decision and action leave no room for procrastination. When you make a decision and follow it up with action, success happens!

Step 3: Celebrate your sprouts. Once the seeds are planted, stay motivated by celebrating your sprouts. It can be easy to go back to your old ways after achieving some success. Instead of focusing on the size of your success, find motivation from any and all progress. Those sprouts will mature into a crop someday! If neglect them or put off watering them, they WILL wither and die.

The ultimate decision you can make is to decide what kind of life you want to live. If you continue to sow into chronic procrastination you will reap a life full of stress with little success to show. If you want to sow seeds of success, act now – not later!

We live in a world filled with all kinds of distractions. As if procrastination wasn’t a big enough issue, you are surrounded by Facebook, email and your mobile phone glued to your hand… all busy work begging for your time. And if you don’t direct your time, it will get sucked up into those other places so easily.

What lifestyle choices are you planting today? Ones of fear, inaction and stress? Or new ones of success, productivity and success? Please leave your comments for me and take the extra 30 seconds to Like and Share today’s message of motivation.

Now go out there and get it done now

Have an awesome day wherever you all are & speak soon

Andrew 🙂

What Financial Seeds Are You Planting? – Andrew Chenery

fpuk Planting money
Hi Friends,

Have you ever planted red pepper seeds and been surprised when you don’t get strawberries? You might be thinking, “No way, Andrew!” I hate to say it, but you might be.

And trust me on this, majority of the nation expects something for nothing. You absolutely expect a certain crop without having planted the specific seed for it.

The thing about growing crops, you are always going to reap what you sow! And it doesn’t matter what your upbringing, race, parents or circumstances may have been. If you plant corn, you are going to get corn!

If you are sowing seeds of debt, spending everything you make and investing in items with depreciating value, you will NOT reap the crop of financial independence, becoming debt-free or wealthy.

This concept goes closely with one of the Laws of Success. I call it the Law of Promotion. Essentially, if you are faithful with the small things you will be made ruler over much.

Most people will squander what they have, thinking the grass is always greener on the other side. How often do you wish, “If only I made more money…” or “If only I won the lottery…” so you could pay off all your debt and become financially independent?

But the truth is, it doesn’t matter how much money you make if your habits remain the same. I can promise, if you are sowing seeds of poor financial habits and debt, there is no money in the world that will stop those crops from growing up and bearing fruit in your life.

You have to prosper with what you have NOW. You have to be faithful with the amount you maketoday, not the amount you want to make. What seeds are you planting in your financial life right now?

If you don’t like the financial fruit in your life –  debt, stress and an abundance of JUNK, look at the seeds you are planting. What you feed will flourish and what you ignore will die! Start watering those seeds of wise financial choices. Put more into savings instead of buying that extra handbag. Cut out junk food from your shopping list and put that money toward unpaid bills.

What financial seeds are you planting? Let me know and don’t forget to Like and Share today’s message.

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Thats it for today, have a great week.

Andrew 🙂

You Are A Leader – Andrew Chenery


Hi Friends,
Looking out of my home office window this morning here in sunny Felixstowe UK, this is my view , the sky is a deep blue & the plants are looking like spring & new growth is here. I would like to continue my theme on leadership and how it involves you all.

You might not believe you actually are a leader, you might not have the title or you believe you lack the skills. However you still have a “circle of influence.” What is that, Andrew? A circle of influence is quite literally the circle of people, friends, family, children affected by your thoughts and decisions.

And surprisingly, 98% of people ignore their circle of influence, as if it’s of no consequence. But everything you do, from your lifestyle down to the restaurants where you prefer to eat, is spread throughout this circle. While most of this influence might seem minor, it can also lead to major, important, big BIG things.

One major influence you constantly broadcast to the world is your financial choices. The clothes you wear, the food you buy, the photos you post on Facebook of new purchases or the fights with your spouse over it all.

You see, your kids will spend over 14,000 hours in school through to the 6th form. But there won’t be anyone teaching them how to balance a bank account, how to save and invest money or how to make wise purchases.

Most likely they will pick up all of your habits and their ideas about money from you. Mix those habits with the constant stream of consumerism from the media and your child has just been groomed to fail financially. Before they even think about higher education, student loans, home mortgages or retirement they are already being groomed to fall flat on their face.

The worst part is most parents hide their true financial status from their children. So not only do you have possible bad habits, but now you are hiding them and giving your child a false view of finances. As a parent, you have to be aware that you have one of the most important leadership positions of all. You are grooming the minds of the next generation! In fact, even if you aren’t a parent… you might be a teacher, a nanny, a paediatrician, a coach or anyone who has frequent interaction with today’s youth.

You might be freaking out a little that the damage is done – but it isn’t too late! The truth is, you probably inherited your mindset on money from your parents. But don’t panic… you have total control over changing it! You have total control over influencing your children.

Stop hiding the truth or constantly fighting about your finances! This is big-time stuff they need to know and it’s never too early to start including your kids.
That’s why I decided to quit the Rat Race & start working for myself, I knew if I carried on with my current job or even changed company for a few pounds more that my future wouldn’t change for the better. Even if I worked overtime or got a second job – my life wouldn’t improve, because although money is important to love, time is much more important & getting the time & money balance right is so important. Now I have freedom of time for the important things and I have financial peace, that’s why I started & to show others how to do that.

So let’s do what we can to help groom the next generation for success. Leave me your comments and please Like and Share today’s message.

That’s it for today – stay blessed & remember this is your life – how are you going to live it?

Andrew 🙂

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Do These Steps To Become A Leader – Andrew Chenery


Hey Friends,
Sorry it’s been a while, but business has been busy, it’s no excuse but I’m back with more positiveness if that’s a word? 🙂
With today’s economy and job market, you might be working somewhere you never expected. Maybe it’s a dead-end job or maybe it’s an okay one where you’ve put in the time and can’t figure out why you are still constantly overlooked for raises or promotions. Or it could just be no one wants to hire you at all!

I’ve seen all of these scenarios in the past – and present – in my business and even inside other companies. So, if you’re frustrated with your current position, listen up!

Your leadership skills are not defined by your title. However, if you’re working on your skills, it might just earn you that title!

Step 1:

If you want to BE successful you have to learn from someone who IS successful. In this case, who have you seen promoted? What colleagues have received bonuses? Look around at who your boss or manager pays attention to. You might think, “Yeah Andrew but that colleague is such a suck-up!”

Look, Friend your boss can see around that. Don’t let your judgment blind you from learning a thing or two. Maybe that colleague also keeps their workplace really tidy and offers to stay late. Or maybe it’s just the fact they don’t have a crap attitude toward everyone around them.

Step 2:

One major leadership quality you need to hone – like, yesterday! – is dropping the need to take credit. Let’s be honest, you want credit for the great work you’ve done, but as soon as you mess up do you hope no one’s looking? If all you care about is the spotlight, then you simply aren’t a leader.

Leadership is about bringing out the best in those around you! Which means, more often than not, their talents will be showcased. But if you’re only in it for the credit, the title or the glory so to speak, please stop now! That mindset hurts you and your team. You are sowing some bad seeds.

Step 3:

Only a very low level of leadership simply point outs what is not working. The next step up in leadership is to bring solutions to the table. You need to become the person who is a problem-solver. Not the problem-maker or the problem-spotter.

You can start by talking to your boss! Tell him or her you WANT to help out and make the office a more pleasant or productive place and ASK what you can do.

These steps play a major role in developing your basic leadership skills at home or in the office. How have you seen your developing skills affect the world around you? Share your stories with me and leave a comment! Don’t forget to Like and Share today’s message with your friends.

That’s it for today, keep smiling & stay blessed – this is your life – Make It Count.

Andrew 🙂

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What Do You Want? – Andrew Chenery

FPUK Achieve

Hi Friends,

Let me start by asking – What do you do? Are you a mum, a banker, a graphic designer? The skills I want to talk with you about today will help you in any profession, business or lifestyle. Because deep down, even if you don’t realize it, you are always selling something.

Regardless of what you do, you are constantly “pitching” something! Whether it’s your product, your notion that your kids absolutely, positively, really need to eat their broccoli, your ideas in a business or even community presentation… my friend, you’re selling!

But let me tell you a secret. Most people choke when it comes to “the close” and they lose the sale. You probably never read up on how to close someone because you never realized that regardless of what you do, you are indeed a salesperson.

Luckily for you, by simply by adding this tool to your tool kit it will help you close deals in your business, close your family on a dream holiday location, close your boss on giving you a raise or promotion or even land you a job!

The best way to improve your closing is to go over the common mistakes I see every amateur make. You probably don’t even realize where you’ve gone off-course in the past! But that’s okay, because now you’ll be able to stop and go, “Hey, I should stop messing things up for myself!”

You’re afraid – Most people are afraid to close! And it makes no sense. You have NOTHING to lose and everything to gain. You have to choose action over fear. Inaction gets you nothing.

You expect Rejection – If you expect the rejection, you set yourself up for it. Since you expect them to say no, you give up the second they show uncertainty.

You believe the excuses – Often times people will try to brush you off with a quick comment like, “I don’t have the time,” “I don’t have the money.” Most of these comments are just that – excuses. If it is something that could really help them out. they’ll figure out a way to make it work.

You don’t know what to say – Be prepared! Write yourself a script and be prepared to answer objections or questions. If you don’t know the right answer DON’T LIE. Try, “You know, that’s a great question. Let me look into that and get back to you. May I call you?” or “I don’t know about that, all I know is…”

You don’t ask the closing question – All the talking and persuading mean nothing if you don’t ask the big question at the end!

When you DO ask that closing question (as you should ALWAYS BE DOING), make it open-ended. Don’t ask the kind of question they can just say yes or no to. For example, “So, what did you like about what you just heard?”

I hope these tips help the salesperson inside of you. The sooner you start embracing the fact that you really are in sales, you can truly begin honing your skill set! Make sure to share this post, Like, Share, and tell me below what you do for a living! What are you “selling?”

Thats it for today, friends – keep making the difference in your life – don’t quit whatever you are after.

Stay Blessed


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Unlock your Future

Have you ever been in a situation where your background seems to dictate your current life and your future? I certainly have.

I remember when I was young and ignorant, but I thought I knew everything. I made so many horrible mistakes, and in those mistakes I remember thinking “I’m always going to be a failure. I’m never going to amount to anything. Life is always going to be this hard. Why is it always good for other people, but never for me?”

But today I am so overwhelmed by all the amazing things that are happening. I feel so very blessed that I get to work with you, and that you are a person who does not want to stay stuck.

See, we all have challenges in our lives that could convince us things will never change or get better, that we’re going to be a failure for the rest of our lives.

I was 19 when I was introduced to the business world. I desperately wanted to get away from my past.

But when I was 19, I was exposed to a life filled with wonder and possibilities and potential. I was introduced to a group of people who were completely different than anyone I’d ever met. They challenged me to think differently about life.

I had never even thought of going anywhere outside of the town I lived in, but they got me thinking about traveling. I discovered there was a huge world out there and we actually have the opportunity to go see it.

Let me ask you – do you want to go see the Great Wall of China? The glaciers in Greenland or Iceland? The Colosseum in Rome? Do you want to see the mountains in Peru, Argentina or Chile? Do you want to see the crystal clear blue waters of Bora Bora?

The group of business people I met at 19 years old caused me to open my mind to a huge world I didn’t even know existed. I am so grateful for that experience, because it started me on a completely different path that has been paved with all kinds of mistakes and failures, and some amazing, mind-blowing successes as well.

Today I get to travel all over the world. I love travelling around Europe, France, ltaly, Poland, Greece – Wow, you should see this place! The architecture is beautiful, the history and the water is amazing, and the people were so pleasant. And the food was some of the best I’ve ever had!

In Greece, I was pleasantly surprised! There are layers upon layers of history, and so many different cultures.

When you travel abroad, your mind can begin to wrap around how big the world really is, and you start to see the layers of history. You are able to study so many different kinds of people.

That is something I have done for 25 years – I study people and their differences and backgrounds and how they think and what causes them to do the things they do.

I learned a long time ago that if you learn more about people than anything else, you will be unusually successful. And I have been unusually successful because of that!

And there really is no greater way to study people than to travel around the world! You can see why some cultures have risen and some have fallen. You discover what has been passed down from generation to generation and you gain a whole new perspective.

I want to encourage you to travel. Take your children around the world. Go beyond what is familiar. Go see different civilizations with your own eyes and experience how they think, what they eat, the mindsets they have had for generations, and how they live their lives. It will enrich your life and educate your children. It will give you a more well-rounded understanding of life.

Don’t try to tell me you don’t have the money to travel. You do! You’re just giving it to the wrong places — the coffee shops, the shopping trips, the overstocked cupboards and fridge. You have the money. Start putting it toward something that will be worth it!

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I know you’ve probably wanted to travel. It’s time to mark that goal off the list! It’s NOT a far away goal that can never happen…go get it done!

I never imagined in a million years that someone like me could succeed in anything, or experience the pure joy of traveling around the world,

And none of that would have been possible if I hadn’t met that group of business people who said, “Hey, have you ever thought about traveling around the world?” If they had never challenged me to think beyond what I was familiar with, I would have been robbed of all I’ve been able to learn through traveling.

Do not rob your friends and family members of the opportunity to travel the world and experience this for themseves! Pass this message along to them today! (Send via email, or post this on your social media sites.)

And now it’s your turn! Where do you want to go? Make a plan — where, when, and how much will it cost? Start directing your money to something you will benefit from for a lifetime.

Thats it for today – have an awesome day & make someones life a happier place to be

Stay Blessed


Stop Thinking J.O.B. – Andrew Chenery


Hi Friends

Today I want to talk to you about a mindset that is very common in the world of home business, and it is very limiting and very harmful to your future success.

You have probably encountered someone with this mindset, either in person or on Facebook. They talk about how horrible it is to have a job. You know, a J-O-B, ‘Just-Over-Broke’. These people try to recruit people into their business so they can finally ‘fire their boss’ and ‘break free from their 9-5 prison’. Many people use these phrases without even realizing what they’re even saying, or the result of the words they speak.

But today I want to pick this mindset apart and expose the truth about it. Because it really does set you up for failure, whether you have a job or career, or you are a business owner.

First, let’s talk about the business owner who tries to recruit people using these tactics. They say, “Hey, you still have a J-O-B? Come on, it’s time to fire your boss and start creating your own success, not your boss’s!”

But tell me, what kind of people do you think you will attract by motivating them by how much they hate their job and their boss, or by their feelings of being ‘trapped in a J-O-B’? You are painting a picture of being ungrateful and unhappy. You plant negative thoughts in their minds about their job or their boss, which then causes them to think and act negatively at work.

Because of the thoughts you have put into their minds, they are no longer prospering where they are planted. They are not working with excellence and diligence in their job because they now have a completely different perspective. They heard about a business opportunity, and suddenly their view of having a job totally changes. And if they can’t prosper where they’re planted when working at a job, what makes you think it will be any different when they get started in your business?

So you are not only sabotaging yourself here, by creating an attitude in that person that, quite frankly, you’re not going to want to work with even if they did decide to work with you in your business. But you are sabotaging the other person’s success in their job. It is not beneficial for you OR them. It does not help you build a business.

Not to mention, you reap what you sow. If you put those kinds of thoughts about their job into that person’s mind and they rip up their roots to move to your bright and shiny opportunity, what’s going to happen when someone else comes along and feeds them negative thoughts about you and your business and then offers them a different bright and shiny opportunity? They’re going to take it! And why? Because you reap what you sow.

I also want us to look at the other perspective – the employee. See, if you allow yourself to start listening to those phrases and speaking them, they will take root inside of your mind. It will cause you to hate your job, hate your boss, hate the people you work with, and hate that you have to work at a job 9-5.

But tell me, can you have that kind of attitude towards your 9-5 life, and then after-hours, turn around and have a good, positive mindset of an entrepreneur? NO! You can’t.

Not only that, but what is your work environment like when you have that mindset? You are just there sucking the air out of that place. People don’t like being around negative people. And guess what! When you hate where you are and what you’re doing, you are negative!

Please understand me when I say this – I am NOT bashing any industry or business. And I’m NOT saying you shouldn’t start a business, or even that you shouldn’t work a business full-time. I am simply exposing a very damaging mindset that has become very common, because I truly care about your success. I want to see you succeed.

Our culture tells us that if we’re not happy, we should move on to something else that will make us happy. It is because of that mindset that people are so easily tantalized and seduced into other bright shiny opportunities. It is because of that mindset that people do not have roots. They decide they don’t like what they’re doing, or ‘it’s not working’ or they get bored, so they uproot themselves and move on to something different without even giving themselves a chance to succeed in anything. The bottom line is, the deeper the roots, the bigger and better the fruit.

Now that you can see what this ‘J-O-B’ mindset really looks like and the results, you know it is not beneficial. It will not help you grow your business. It will actually hurt you and the people around you.

So set yourself up for success instead of failure today by not listening and giving into the mindset that says it’s a nuisance to have a job. Choose to work with diligence and excellence – both in skill and in attitude – and to prosper where you’re planted, whether that’s a business or a job. Learn to lead others properly and to form mutually beneficial relationships. Protect your future with honor instead of burning bridges. You will be amazed by how successful you will become!

I know you know a few (or several) people who have been affected by this mindset, either personally or by someone they know. It would be wise to go ahead and send this to them now. You can also be proactive and send this message to your employees/colleagues, as well as your business partners today. You can forward this email, or share this link on Facebook and Twitter.

That’s it for today, go out there and make the difference to your life, your family’s lives and to everyone you know and come across today

Stay blessed

Andrew 🙂