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Hi friends,

Wow today the temperature here in sunny Felixstowe is -1.0, yes I know that’s not very low compared to our friends in the States who have been experiencing the Vortex weather system recently, but I’m building decking today in my main business for a client and I need to feel my fingers ūüôā

Anyway, I was on Facebook yesterday, reading many of the comments and the discussions going on. A few of you were talking about how to stay motivated when you aren’t seeing any progress.

But when it comes to progress, you and I both know it often doesn’t happen overnight. And even though you know it, you always get frustrated or angry when you don’t see some immediate change or end result. Because it really is easy to get discouraged. It’s easy to give up and go back to the old habits. Easy to settle for the same old, same old.

So let me ask you this… if I told you it would take a year to accomplish all you set out to do and completely change your life for the better, would it be WORTH it? What if it took two years? Would that be worth it to you?

For me, the most discouraging part of witnessing another’s journey to success is they often don’t see how far they have progressed. You might not be everything you want to be tomorrow, but that doesn’t mean you’re the same person you were yesterday. Even if you are 1% better in some aspect of your life… isn’t that worth it to you?

A lot of the time it isn’t that you have made no progress, it’s that you’re using the wrong measuring stick to track your progress. Instead of looking at failed endeavors or where you aren’t seeing results ‚Äď look where there ARE results. I promise, if you’re looking for where you’ve failed, you’ll see it consistently. You need to drop that mindset!

Instead think more of “Alright, I did XYZ better today than I did yesterday.” I call those your shoots.

When you plant a seed, be that an idea, an investment, new business… etc. That seed needs to be watered and cared for. It doesn’t become a stalk of corn overnight. But after only a few days the evidence you will see is a tiny shoot. Biologically, it isn’t a seed anymore. It’s a growing, living, thing.

You could choose to be discouraged by the fact it isn’t¬†a crop yet and leave your shoot to dry out and die. Or you can celebrate it, nurture it. As you begin your path to whatever destination you choose for your life, take your focus off of where you have failed before. Start tracking your progress by how FAR you’ve come. The easiest way to beat discouragement is to celebrate progress.

What shoots are you starting to see already? Tell me! And don’t forget to Share and Like today’s message, because sometimes we’re our own worst critic.

I pray that today you continue to develop and grow your ideas and let those shoots flourish.

Stay Blessed


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Don’t Over React Stay Calm – Andrew Chenery

peace FPUK

Have you noticed that in today’s world, there are a lot of over reactors out there? It seems like people get offended and humiliated so easily, and they overreact to even the smallest things

This really affects your performance on your job. This could determine whether or not you get promoted in your job. It will affect whether or not you get repeat business from your customers.

I have a confession to make today.¬†I used to be one of those people. I was so overreactive that the very first millionaire I ever had the chance to work with used to grab me by the shoulders and say,¬†“Andrew, ACT. Don’t react.”¬†I used to just look at him, because I didn’t understand what he was saying at the time.

Then there was another businessman who was very successful, and one time he said to me,¬†“You know what your problem is, Andrew?¬†You totally overreact to everything.¬†You have to act instead of reacting.”

When they said this to me, I honestly did not see myself as an overreactor, and I didn’t understand the concept of “act, don’t react.”

But looking back at the big picture, I see it. I came from not knowing what I wanted to do when I grew up and had so many doubts about my abilities and my entire future. And we are all a product of our environment.

I was used to a crazy, unknown environment, and I brought that into these situations with these two businessmen. I completely overreacted!

I’m telling you this because there really are a lot of overreactors out there today. And just like I was one of them and didn’t know it,¬†you could also be one without knowing.

I want you to think about some overreactors you know. People who just completely freak out. It’s really easy to find them, especially on social media. It really blows my mind how often people totally overreact to what other people post on Facebook and Twitter. Those people¬†expose who they are, their immaturity and weakness, for all the world to see.¬†And they’re actually making themselves look pretty stupid.

I don’t want you to judge those people. Use it as an opportunity to learn from them. Take that chance to look in the mirror and say,¬†“Do I look like that? Do I instantly judge and assume I knew what the other person meant?¬†Do I freak out over things and think the world is falling apart?

Think about when you get hurt by someone. What is your reaction in comparison to the offense? You could be like I was ‚Ästa total reactor ‚Ästand not even realize it.

Let’s look at this. If one of your employees is supposed to meet a deadline and they don’t,¬†are you the one who freaks out and stresses out¬†as a result of that?

Or, let’s say you’re the one with the deadline. Maybe you got distracted with a few things, whether it was surfing the Internet or having a conversation, and the deadline sneaks up on you and you start freaking out.¬†“Oh no! I have a deadline! What am I going to do??”¬†Your heart is racing, your breath is shallow and you have this massive anxiety that comes over you.

I’m telling you right now,¬†overreacting never helps anyone think clearly.¬†It doesn’t make you look good, and it does not make you dependable. It does not cause others to have confidence in you. Freaking out does not get the job done. Here’s what¬†does:¬†Peace.

I want you to evaluate yourself today. Like I said, I was an overreactor and I didn’t know it. I had 2 men call me out on it, and I still didn’t get it. Now that I look back, I see it. The world was falling apart any time something bad happened. I freaked out about absolutely everything, whether it was about my kids, marriage, money, business or politics.¬†I would get nothing done because I was so full of anxiety.

So look in the mirror and find the places where you overreact to things. And the next time you see someone totally freak out, don’t freak out back to them.¬†Use that situation to grow yourself.¬†Choose to have real maturity instead of acting like a school child.¬†Learn from them, but do not be one of them.

We do NOT need more overreactors in the world¬†‚Äď we need more people who can take a deep breath and say¬†“No”¬†to anxiety. We need people who will choose peace. Because in that peace, you will be more productive. You will become more dependable.¬†And¬†you will move forward in your career, business, and personal life¬†because of it.

I’d love to hear your stories. Have you ever overreacted to a situation? What did you learn from that? What did you learn today that you will apply in your own life? You can¬†leave me your comments¬†and please also take a minute to share this message with your friends, family, coworkers and social networks. This could help them to get promoted in their jobs, get more clients for their business or even help restore and strengthen relationships. All those amazing things and all¬†you¬†have to do is share this.

Thats it for now – have an amazing day, week and don’t over react the next time something happens.

Stay Blessed


Top Tips To Success For 2014 – Andrew Chenery

workingfromhome- FPUK copy

Hi Friends

May I firstly wish you all a very happy New Year, and all the blessings that you deserve.

Ok its January 1st 2014 & I’m sitting in my office looking out of the window this morning, the main distraction I see in the garden is a Yucca Tree blowing in the wind, it’s not raining yet here in Felixstowe but if what I heard earlier as I walked past the television downstairs was correct, is that rain is expected later. Great if it wants to rain – let it rain, if the sun wants to come out I’ll let it, these are all things that are totally out of my control, I cannot control the weather and therefore I don’t have to let it affect me – my thoughts & feelings are not going to be set by what the weather is doing, maybe what I do, but I’m blessed to have so many options that changes can take place.

What I am passionate about is changing what I can control, the daily actions that I do affect my life massively and looking back over the last year, yes I made some mistakes, both in business and in my personal & home life. These were all things that I had total control over, and I didn’t take the correct action at the time, and I paid the consequence of those bad actions. Do I regret those bad actions, no I don’t and heres why – those bad actions shaped me into who I am today, my entire past, all of its amazing opportunities, all the tears and negative experiences has shaped me into me being me. Believing that we are all learning and never stop learning helps me know that I was being taught a very serious lesson in those consequences, when I made a mistake, it was just¬†that¬†a mistake, but if I was to do it again then it becomes a choice, because you see if I had truly learned my lesson the first time, then I would be all guns out making sure I never ever made that mistake again and if I did then it would be me making a choice to do it willingly and not a mistake!

What choices or habits do you personally do day in and day out, that if you really thought about you would really like to stop doing? What is stopping you from changing your ways, you are totally in control of your actions, thats you the person reading this, yes take a good long hard look in the mirror and tell yourself “I’ve had enough of me still doing those stupid time, money, effort wasting habits, I WANT TO CHANGE & change now”.

From this point on everything that you do, is controlled by you, you’ve probably heard the process that, your actions are totally controlled by your feelings which in turn are controlled by your thoughts. So what do you have to do? Yes start thinking positive thoughts, thoughts that you can achieve, you can change the little small things that clog up your pure positive thinking each day which snowball into negative feelings thus provoking negative ¬†poor choice actions. It really is that simple, and compounding positive thoughts, feeling & actions rather than negative is achievable by anyone – yes even you, yes we all have choices that appear in front of us all – what we decide – shapes us, it makes us into the person we become. Jim Rohn, one of my mentors says ”¬†The major reason for setting a goal is for what it makes of you to accomplish it. What it makes of you will always be the far greater value than what you get.” So many people want to change but keep doing the same things expecting different results, stop doing the same things repeatedly and you’ll get different results.

This year so far I have woken up more focussed and determined to achieve more then I did last year, but more importantly I wish & plan to become more than I was last year, becoming more aids me to achieve more for myself, my family, my team, my customers and to everyone I associate with.

My desire this year is to serve my God more wholeheartedly in all things, I desire to show more people how to earn more money either part time along side their existing job, or how to start working full time from home in their own business, enabling them to achieve true financial independence helping them to get out of debt and move them into the lifestyle they desire.

But,¬†I won’t achieve any of this without first writing down my goals and then doing something extra every day, seizing every opportunity that comes my way and making that extra effort. If you don’t do those extra small things each day you won’t accomplish what you wish to. You can talk about what you wish to do over and over but until you put into action your desires nothing will ever be achieved. When you keep disciplined at your new activity each day, week & month it will become a new positive habit and won’t feel strange in doing it. You will start to look in the mirror and say “Well done, your doing it and it works, you are becoming successful” and when that positive snowball starts to roll, you will ensure it grows & grows and knocks over anything negative that comes in its way.

Be the one person in your life that your proud of. Every night before you go to bed take a look at what you achieved that day and make sure you say “I couldn’t of done any of those things better today”.

Ive just seen that this year is going to be the toughest in history financially for families.
Mortgage rates will go up.
Cost of living will go up.
Stress will go up.
Worry will go up.

What will I be doing to change this? I will be working smarter, speaking to and helping more people adopt a positive position in their lives, showing them ways to change these temporay situations in their lives.

I will set more clear goals, stop wasting time and allow all that to free me to live my life as best I can every single day. My question is – What are you going to be doing ????

If anyone wants to join me on this journey of success and you live in the UK, call/text me today  on 07930464461 or email me at

This year is going to be the same for everyone – the same amount of months, weeks, days, hours & seconds – make each one count !

2014 is the year you really find out how good you are, this year will deliver exactly what you believe and work for.

Lets go do it ūüôā

I wish you all an amazing, mind bending, belief filled, exciting & most importantly FUN filled prosperous 2014

Stay Blessed


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Am I Really Your Friend ? – Andrew Chenery

Friends pic FPUK
Hi Friends,

Everyone¬†(including us!)¬†has been talking a lot about the holiday season, spending time with loved ones, and the ideas of sharing and gift-giving lately. But today I want to look at this topic from a completely different angle¬†‚Ästlet’s consider the whole idea of friendship and “friends.”

You see, as we’ve become increasingly “social” many of the more human factors traditionally associated with socializing have evolved into something a LOT less “friendly!”

And, when we look at the direction where this is all headed, I become concerned about what the generation following us are really learning about the genuine qualities of friendship and what it truly means to be a friend.

Did you realize today, as of this very moment, throughout the world, approximately 1 in 7 individuals ON EARTH can be counted among Facebook users?! And this is just one of the growing numbers of social media outlets available to adults AND children.

In a recent move, Facebook announced they would be opening up permission for teenagers (13-17 year olds) to post¬†status updates, videos and images that can now be viewed by ANYONE!¬†Prior to this move, this information could only be seen by “friends” or “friends of friends.” To add injury to this insult, Facebook can also appropriate ANY of the posted material to use in their online advertising.

Now, while on the face of this latest proclamation it may seem inappropriate and putting too much control into the hands of not-yet-fully-developed young humans… it goes¬†SO¬†far beyond that! First, according to the author, Emily Bazelon, of the book¬†‚ÄúSticks and Stones: Defeating the Culture of Bullying and Rediscovering the Power of Character and Empathy‚Ä̬†allowing this degree of unrestricted freedom to kids this age hits squarely in their neurological weak spot since they simply do not have the type of impulse control you find in a fully-developed adult brain.

However, secondly…and of so much greater importance to parents like us, thanks to the spread of social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Kik Messenger¬†‚Ästand the list seems to literally grow daily,¬†about¬†half of all online child sexual exploitation occurs through the social networks!

In a study recently conducted by the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Center, an agency of the British government, CEO Peter Davies acknowledged the powerful potential for good, saying the medium is not to blame; human behavior is where the blame should be placed.

Unfortunately, this power for igniting positive worldwide awareness and action on behalf of charitable, social, artistic and educational causes has become a double-edged sword. Unlike some of the other networks, Facebook requires users to post under their real identities¬†‚Ästexposing these youth to easier tracking, identification and possibly a lifelong online “record”¬†of some youthful indiscretions.

Look, Friend, I know how quickly the world keeps changing and it can be really difficult to always keep up with the “latest thing.” Just looking at the explosion of Facebook alone in the last 9 years staggers the imagination:

  • 2004: 1 million users
  • 2005: 5.5 million users
  • 2006: 12 million users
  • 2007: 50 million users
  • 2008: 100 million users
  • 2009: 350 million users
  • 2010: 608 million users
  • 2011: 845 million users
  • 2012: 1.06 billion users
  • YTD 2013: 1.2 BILLION USERS

This social change is unavoidable, so as parents we just have to be sure to prepare the kids in our life for what they’re going to encounter out there in cyberspace. And as a part of this “online preparedness” we’re imparting¬†(along with some good, old-fashioned common sense)¬†we also need to share the REAL meaning of friendship!

Just because someone “friends” you on some cyber-timeline does NOT mean this person is really your friend! Hearing someone boasting,¬†“I’ve got 20,00 ‘friends’!”¬†most probably means they actually have no idea of the meaning of friendship. Be sure your kids know this and share stories about¬†what your true friends have done with you and for you¬†throughout the entire life of that friendship.¬†Seeing¬†and¬†hearing¬†tangible examples of the¬†values you want to pass on¬†to the kids in your life will carry so much more weight than a few online “Like” clicks!

And while you’re sharing these pearls of wisdom with the next generations, don’t keep it to yourself!¬†Share this information¬†with your friends, family, colleagues, neighbours and,¬†yes, even with your social networks on Facebook and Twitter. Please¬†don’t forget me¬†either¬†‚ÄstI want to hear your idea of friendship, something amazing a friend did for you or what a special friend means to you!

Thats it from me for today – make sure you really build some deep friendships that last.

Have a blessed weekend and speak next week.


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How to Communicate – Andrew Chenery

People skills FPUK

Hi Friend,

You ever notice how people think they have great people skills? They talk about how they’re great with people or love being social. Yet at the same time everyone seems to just plain suck at basic communication and “social” has moved from face-to-face to an online “virtual” reality?

Like the marketplace, communications are an ever-evolving outlet. Only a few decades ago, every household relied on a landline phone in their home. Now? Less than 50% of our nations households have a landline!

And yes, most people use mobile phones, but communication has changed more than that. Social media sites like Twitter, which just made its stock market debut at just over £18.9 billion pounds recently and Facebook are redefining communication in a big way.

Here’s just one example of this “communication evolution.” A teenager was arrested for disturbing the peace after a typical teenage prank. Instead of using his “one phone call” to call someone to bail him out, he used his smart phone to post a Facebook status.

Guess what? It worked! Not long after, a friend showed up at the station to collect him and take him home. Our communication has become so reliant on digital technology, and not face-to-face human interactions, most people avoid actually dealing with a live human at all costs!

It is wildly interesting to see how much it has all changed. Most people wonder what this means for our society.¬†The problem with a lack of face to face, is it dehumanizes social interaction.¬†It takes the “human” factor out of talking to a human!

Of over 18,000 teenagers surveyed, 90% admitted technology makes life easier, but about 60% said that people rely on it too much and it can be dehumanizing.

In fact this fear of dehumanizing our society has become such a threat, there is a new wave of empathy-geared games. These games are focused on teaching children about empathy, as they wouldn’t normally recognize it. Wow, Friend can you imagine that?!

As our ever-changing society evolves in its different forms of communication, recognize that you are in total control of your communications and that of your kids. You don’t have to invest in empathy-themed games to equip your child to be an influential and skilled people-person.¬†Your family does not have to be victim or fear the dehumanization of everything!

Despite whatever social media, technology or changes continue to occur in communications in our world — you as a parent are the one responsible for what goes in your household! Isn’t it time to put actual PEOPLE back into “people skills” and arm yourself — and your family — with those¬†timeless communication tools, regardless of the medium, that can make you true masters of your “domain!”

While we want to see more human interaction, we also understand the online realities of today, so I invite you to “Like,” “Tweet” and share¬†today’s message.¬†But don’t stop there, start the conversation face-to-face today with your friends, coworkers and family. And, don’t forget to let me know your favorite form of communication!

Well thats it from me for today – have an awesome blessed day and I’ll be speaking with you tomorrow.

Andrew ūüôā

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How To Initiate Change – Andrew Chenery

Change FPUK
Hi Friends,

Today I want to talk with you about a simple tool that will make you more money. It demonstrates your trustworthiness at work, is required for you to start your own business and increases your productivity and confidence.

It’s called initiative! Initiative is defined as¬†“the initiation of action, independent of outside influence or control.”¬†In other words, when something needs to be done, you do it without being told.

When you have no initiative, you train others to babysit and micro-manage you because you’re just not dependable. When you DO have it,¬†you put your career or business under YOUR CONTROL.

You see, 98% of the population believes if it isn’t in their official “Job Description,” it isn’t their problem. Because of this mindset, you have a tendency to fall behind in your profession simply because you aren’t picking up new skill sets.

When you fall behind, you cause pressure in your job and eventually this pressure builds to a point where your confidence inevitably escapes!

Today, let’s rate your level of initiative based on your real-world results. If you are coming up short in any area, you might be fighting:

  • Laziness
  • Lack of motivation
  • Lack of determination
  • Fear of failure

So how do you fight these?

  • Take responsibility for your job, business or home
  • Become a problem-solver. Seek different solutions!
  • Learn new skills

If you work for yourself, you can’t afford¬†not¬†to listen to this message! A lack of initiative not only¬†puts less money in your pocket¬†due to lack of confidence and productivity, it also¬†costs you money¬†if you have to hire outside sources to pick up your own slack.

Your future, your job and your income are 100% in your control if you master this tip. Friend, it’s time to step up! Dump the¬†“not my job”¬†mindset and start working on cultivating those¬†valuable skills.

How are your initiative skills? Are you ready to take control? Leave me¬†your comments¬†and let me know. While you’re there, make sure to “Like” and “Share” because you never know who in your circle of influence needs to read this today.

Thats it for today – Have a blessed day


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How to be a Real Leader – Andrew Chenery

Leadership chart
Hi Friends,

Leadership is one of the key components for success in the world today¬†(and yesterday). If you’re a business owner, it’s something you must work on and develop every day of your life! But, too often if you don’t see yourself in that traditional leadership position, you might fail to see the importance of showing or grooming your “leader” skill set.

Most people don’t realize the power and influence they have over others. If you’re a mother, you have a huge realm of influence. If you’re a teacher, you’re a leader. Even, if you’re just an “ordinary” person living your life, you have influence over your friends and neighbors!

Think about it, when you’re looking for a new doctor or place to eat, someone to cut your hair, or even to take your dry cleaning… where do you go? To your friends! In this same way you have a similar power of influence over others.

Today, consider the qualities you think make a good leader. Honestly, the only¬†wrong¬†answer is the¬†non-answer!¬†No matter what kind of leader you want to be, there will always be people who don’t agree with what you believe in. And you know what? That is okay!

If you want to continue growing your skills, growing your leadership, take a realistic look at yourself and purposely pinpoint and list your flaws. As the New Year approaches, think about what you¬†could do better¬†and where you can be a better leader ‚Äď whether at work, in the home or even on Facebook.

If you aren’t sure what makes a strong leader, that is okay too. It’s been a very long time since our society and even our nation has had a strong, compassionate and unifying leader.

Think about the last time you met or heard about a leader who totally inspired you. And if no one comes to mind, then think about a leader who completely missed the mark and what qualities and behaviors they were missing.

About 15 years ago, I met up with a group of entrepreneurs. Because I learned at a young age if there was something I wanted in life to find someone else who has what you want and to do what they do. I studied under this group for years on how to become successful in business and to make money.

If you’re trying to figure out how to become a great leader in life, use that same principle here! Start writing down what traits and assets you think go into a great leader ‚Äď drawn either from good examples, or bad, in your personal life.

As this New Year fast approaches, let’s rise us up as leaders like our nation has not seen in many, many years. When you’re thinking about your resolutions for 2014, go bigger than you did last year! Come up with something you can work on in your life that could have a huge¬†impact on your circle of influence, your business and your family.

Tell me what characteristics you think make a great leader, and don’t forget to “Like” and “Share”¬†this post¬†on your social media. And for those leaders in your life, be sure to share this message with them… they need to know they have an impact on your life ‚Äď and who knows, someone may tell you what an awesome leader YOU are!


Replace Stress with Fun – Andrew Chenery


Hey Friend,
I’ve been studying people for more than two decades. Not just people watching, but actually studying why people do the things they do. I’ve studied what they like, what they don’t like, what makes them tick. And I have watched something very interesting happen within our society.

Despite all the modern “conveniences” and labour-saving tools available, stress literally consumes most people today! In fact, 77% of our population report they regularly experience physical symptoms caused by stress, according to a government Psychological Association. That’s almost 8 out of every 10 people who experience fatigue, headaches, upset stomachs, muscle tension, changes in appetite and change in their sex drive. Not to mention the accompanying psychological symptoms of irritability, anger, nervousness and a general lack of energy.

This is TERRIBLE! And certainly that is no way to live your life! Stress is an epidemic that affects people of all ages and in all walks of life, and it affects every aspect of life ‚Äď physical, mental, emotional, financial, relationships, work, family.

Our culture tells us seeking help for such stress-related problems is a sign of weakness… something to be ashamed of. Instead, we are encouraged to fill these voids in other ways ‚Äď shopping, TV, food, alcohol, sex, excessive spending, whatever makes us feel good.

But I’m here to tell you, running away from stress does NOT make it go away! Pretending everything is okay will not fix a thing! In fact, it actually causes more stress.

There is one way to relieve stress I’ve found that is very powerful, yet usually overlooked! I use this solution in my own life, and I encourage everyone I know, from my personal friends and family to all of our clients, to use it. And it’s so obvious, you’ll never guess what it is…

So, I have a simple question for you today. When is the last time you had fun? Not this, “But Andrew, organizing my garage IS fun!” or “Taking a walk by myself is fun!” I mean REAL fun! When is the last time you laughed so hard, you cried? Or the last time your face literally hurt from smiling so big? When is the last time you felt total joy?

My favorite book in the entire world (the Bible) says, “A joyful heart is good medicine, but a broken spirit dries up the bones.” Isn’t that so true? Laughter really is the best medicine!

Actually research proves laughter relaxes the body, boosts the immune system, releases endorphins and improves blood flow. Not only that, but your body releases endorphins every time you smile, which sends a message of confidence and satisfaction to your brain.

The truth is, sometimes all you really need is to have some fun! Even when you’re going through a hard time, it’s so important to give yourself permission to have fun. And if you’re like me, and you have a hard time having fun on your own, surround yourself with people who will help you have fun! That’s exactly what I do! I have certain people who I have strategically placed in my life specifically for that purpose!

When I feel myself slipping into a “funk” I stop and think, “When is the last time you had some fun?” And I usually find it’s time to schedule some fun. Whether it’s a game night with friends, a party, or a spontaneous movie night with my family, I make sure to actually set an appointment in my calendar.

My friend, it all comes down to this: Stress is way too common in our society today, but it doesn’t have to be part of your life. Stress is a choice. We all have circumstances in our lives that can cause stress, but we each have to either choose stress or stress relief.

Today I’ve given you one simple, effective strategy proven to kill stress! Now it’s up to you to use that strategy. So come on, it’s FUN!

I want you to take just a minute right now to think about who you know who really needs to have more fun in life. Who do you know who always seems overwhelmed, or who is always looking for a way to cope with their stress? It could be anyone from your next-door neighbour to your colleague, your spouse or child, or even a church member. Go ahead and share this message with them right now! This one simple strategy will encourage, motivate and inspire those who receive it, and it will be because you were generous enough to share it. You can forward this email, post this link on social media, or even print it out and actually pass it around today.

Tips to being Happy – Andrew Chenery


Have you ever wondered where you could find that magical formula for happiness? It’s got to be a fantasy, right? Because everyone¬†knows¬†that “happily ever after” really doesn’t exist. Or does it?

Believe it or not, but I’m here to tell that 98% of the population doesn’t realize that “happily ever after” really¬†IS¬†achievable at any time!

What most of these people encounter on their quest to achieve that elusive state of happiness is a mind-set that their happiness hinges on just ONE thing. Like,¬†“If only I found my soul mate, I’d be happy forever.”¬†And after they find their spouse, it then changes to,¬†“If only I had my dream career, I’d really find happiness.”

So, they spend their whole lives looking for the next “thing” guaranteed to make them happy. And in the process, they miss all those things in their life every day, along their path, right in front of them, that could be the true source of their joy and contentment!

In today’s world, happiness is more of a far-off goal — the ultimate destination — and you are expected to accept your journey to really be about just “settling” for something less. “Happy” acts as the carrot right in front of your nose, but remainsjuuuust¬†out of reach.

According to research, a revision is being proposed to expand the conditions included within the psychiatric disorder classifications. Another form of depression? Possibly something brought on by all this new technology? Guess again… it’s happiness! Ummmm, what the heck?! In this proposal to classify “happiness” as a psychiatric disorder, the author states that happiness is‚Äústatistically abnormal.‚ÄĚ

The truth is there are people out there who just don’t want you to be happy. In fact, a majority of people in high places would prefer you to stay stuck in your rut, dumbed out, numbed out and just barely getting by. Why? Because then they can sell you solutions to all your “problems.”

I’m declaring today, enough is enough! I’m here to tell you that¬†happiness is not determined by your circumstances.¬†It’s determined by YOU. If you’ve been around my community or interacted with all of our amazing clients on Facebook, you see the proof! We have countless stories of people who have restored relationships, paid off debt, become financially independent and brought harmony into their family. These are the true causes for happiness, celebration and positive attitudes!

There’s nothing wrong with being happy, or wanting to better your life. And you can start right now by taking these steps to increase your happiness:

1. Choose to be happy: Recognize that it is a choice. You can choose to let little things get you down, tie your happiness to the decisions and actions of others, or you can decide to let it go!

Choose positivity, choose life, choose happiness.

2. Cultivate a culture of gratitude: Do you have an amazing spouse or beautiful, uniquely-gifted, children? Relish this and celebrate daily in the awesome of your life! What do you have that others say they would love to swap places with you for?

3. Don’t hold grudges:¬†Choose to forgive, even if others have not asked for forgiveness or apologized. You don’t need to hang on to their stuff and that hurt will do nothing to better your life or help you achieve happiness.

4. Feed yourself positive things: What you feed will flourish, what you neglect will die. If you are feeding and focusing on the positive things in your life, you will see growth in that area. If all you focus on is the bad, negative things, you might notice major growth in THAT area of your life.

5. Surround yourself with positive people:¬†Birds of a feather flock together. If your family, friends and community are focusing on the good in life, instead of being “Debby Downers” who always linger on the bad, you will see a drastic change in your life. Have you ever heard the term, misery loves company? DON’T BE ITS COMPANY!

6. Do something meaningful:¬†When your life, your career or actions have a higher purpose, it makes you feel more accomplished. Whether it’s spending time with your loved ones, spending time working for a good cause or spending time on something of great importance to you.

Friend, today I want you to embrace happiness. Choose to stop living in misery, because it never got anyone, anywhere. Unhappiness keeps you stuck in debt, focused on material things, and basically just dependent, overworked, overstressed and miserable!

Declare your own independence today and spread the good word: BE HAPPY! Together, we can¬†beat the odds¬†and make happiness the statistical norm.¬†Tell me¬†what makes YOU happy and encourage everyone you know to choose happiness by sharing this post. And, please be sure to “Like” and share today’s message… because “liking” is all about happiness, right?!


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Utility Prices Still Going Up? – Andrew Chenery


Now‚Äôs the time to change for your¬†household or business…

We’ve all seen the headlines and shocking news that energy companies are still pushing up our bills whilst announcing huge profits, and we can do little about it.

Well now is the chance to change that – at least for your household or business.

If you were shown a way to reduce your utility charges each month, with no obligation to take the offer – would you want to see how much you could save?

A local business now offers you that chance. Based in Felixstowe,
Financial PeaceUK can come and show you how you can start saving money, for the same products!

‚ÄĘ What does paying less mean to you?
‚ÄĘ How would you like to save money?
‚ÄĘ Does the cost of having the heating on worry you?

Well we can help reduce those costs for you, taking away those worries!

An appointment with you is totally free, we do not charge you anything – and remember you are under no obligation to take these savings available if you choose not to – we only ask that you take a look.

We can show households and businesses how they could save money on their utility bills despite having contracts with other providers. If you are happy with the savings we can make you, we will take care of making the changes, and again we do not charge for this – we want you to have total Financial Peace!

P.S. Should you decide to accept our offer, there are also savings to be made on other shopping purchases.

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