Stop Thinking J.O.B. – Andrew Chenery


Hi Friends

Today I want to talk to you about a mindset that is very common in the world of home business, and it is very limiting and very harmful to your future success.

You have probably encountered someone with this mindset, either in person or on Facebook. They talk about how horrible it is to have a job. You know, a J-O-B, ‘Just-Over-Broke’. These people try to recruit people into their business so they can finally ‘fire their boss’ and ‘break free from their 9-5 prison’. Many people use these phrases without even realizing what they’re even saying, or the result of the words they speak.

But today I want to pick this mindset apart and expose the truth about it. Because it really does set you up for failure, whether you have a job or career, or you are a business owner.

First, let’s talk about the business owner who tries to recruit people using these tactics. They say, “Hey, you still have a J-O-B? Come on, it’s time to fire your boss and start creating your own success, not your boss’s!”

But tell me, what kind of people do you think you will attract by motivating them by how much they hate their job and their boss, or by their feelings of being ‘trapped in a J-O-B’? You are painting a picture of being ungrateful and unhappy. You plant negative thoughts in their minds about their job or their boss, which then causes them to think and act negatively at work.

Because of the thoughts you have put into their minds, they are no longer prospering where they are planted. They are not working with excellence and diligence in their job because they now have a completely different perspective. They heard about a business opportunity, and suddenly their view of having a job totally changes. And if they can’t prosper where they’re planted when working at a job, what makes you think it will be any different when they get started in your business?

So you are not only sabotaging yourself here, by creating an attitude in that person that, quite frankly, you’re not going to want to work with even if they did decide to work with you in your business. But you are sabotaging the other person’s success in their job. It is not beneficial for you OR them. It does not help you build a business.

Not to mention, you reap what you sow. If you put those kinds of thoughts about their job into that person’s mind and they rip up their roots to move to your bright and shiny opportunity, what’s going to happen when someone else comes along and feeds them negative thoughts about you and your business and then offers them a different bright and shiny opportunity? They’re going to take it! And why? Because you reap what you sow.

I also want us to look at the other perspective – the employee. See, if you allow yourself to start listening to those phrases and speaking them, they will take root inside of your mind. It will cause you to hate your job, hate your boss, hate the people you work with, and hate that you have to work at a job 9-5.

But tell me, can you have that kind of attitude towards your 9-5 life, and then after-hours, turn around and have a good, positive mindset of an entrepreneur? NO! You can’t.

Not only that, but what is your work environment like when you have that mindset? You are just there sucking the air out of that place. People don’t like being around negative people. And guess what! When you hate where you are and what you’re doing, you are negative!

Please understand me when I say this – I am NOT bashing any industry or business. And I’m NOT saying you shouldn’t start a business, or even that you shouldn’t work a business full-time. I am simply exposing a very damaging mindset that has become very common, because I truly care about your success. I want to see you succeed.

Our culture tells us that if we’re not happy, we should move on to something else that will make us happy. It is because of that mindset that people are so easily tantalized and seduced into other bright shiny opportunities. It is because of that mindset that people do not have roots. They decide they don’t like what they’re doing, or ‘it’s not working’ or they get bored, so they uproot themselves and move on to something different without even giving themselves a chance to succeed in anything. The bottom line is, the deeper the roots, the bigger and better the fruit.

Now that you can see what this ‘J-O-B’ mindset really looks like and the results, you know it is not beneficial. It will not help you grow your business. It will actually hurt you and the people around you.

So set yourself up for success instead of failure today by not listening and giving into the mindset that says it’s a nuisance to have a job. Choose to work with diligence and excellence – both in skill and in attitude – and to prosper where you’re planted, whether that’s a business or a job. Learn to lead others properly and to form mutually beneficial relationships. Protect your future with honor instead of burning bridges. You will be amazed by how successful you will become!

I know you know a few (or several) people who have been affected by this mindset, either personally or by someone they know. It would be wise to go ahead and send this to them now. You can also be proactive and send this message to your employees/colleagues, as well as your business partners today. You can forward this email, or share this link on Facebook and Twitter.

That’s it for today, go out there and make the difference to your life, your family’s lives and to everyone you know and come across today

Stay blessed

Andrew 🙂

Replace Stress with Fun – Andrew Chenery


Hey Friend,
I’ve been studying people for more than two decades. Not just people watching, but actually studying why people do the things they do. I’ve studied what they like, what they don’t like, what makes them tick. And I have watched something very interesting happen within our society.

Despite all the modern “conveniences” and labour-saving tools available, stress literally consumes most people today! In fact, 77% of our population report they regularly experience physical symptoms caused by stress, according to a government Psychological Association. That’s almost 8 out of every 10 people who experience fatigue, headaches, upset stomachs, muscle tension, changes in appetite and change in their sex drive. Not to mention the accompanying psychological symptoms of irritability, anger, nervousness and a general lack of energy.

This is TERRIBLE! And certainly that is no way to live your life! Stress is an epidemic that affects people of all ages and in all walks of life, and it affects every aspect of life – physical, mental, emotional, financial, relationships, work, family.

Our culture tells us seeking help for such stress-related problems is a sign of weakness… something to be ashamed of. Instead, we are encouraged to fill these voids in other ways – shopping, TV, food, alcohol, sex, excessive spending, whatever makes us feel good.

But I’m here to tell you, running away from stress does NOT make it go away! Pretending everything is okay will not fix a thing! In fact, it actually causes more stress.

There is one way to relieve stress I’ve found that is very powerful, yet usually overlooked! I use this solution in my own life, and I encourage everyone I know, from my personal friends and family to all of our clients, to use it. And it’s so obvious, you’ll never guess what it is…

So, I have a simple question for you today. When is the last time you had fun? Not this, “But Andrew, organizing my garage IS fun!” or “Taking a walk by myself is fun!” I mean REAL fun! When is the last time you laughed so hard, you cried? Or the last time your face literally hurt from smiling so big? When is the last time you felt total joy?

My favorite book in the entire world (the Bible) says, “A joyful heart is good medicine, but a broken spirit dries up the bones.” Isn’t that so true? Laughter really is the best medicine!

Actually research proves laughter relaxes the body, boosts the immune system, releases endorphins and improves blood flow. Not only that, but your body releases endorphins every time you smile, which sends a message of confidence and satisfaction to your brain.

The truth is, sometimes all you really need is to have some fun! Even when you’re going through a hard time, it’s so important to give yourself permission to have fun. And if you’re like me, and you have a hard time having fun on your own, surround yourself with people who will help you have fun! That’s exactly what I do! I have certain people who I have strategically placed in my life specifically for that purpose!

When I feel myself slipping into a “funk” I stop and think, “When is the last time you had some fun?” And I usually find it’s time to schedule some fun. Whether it’s a game night with friends, a party, or a spontaneous movie night with my family, I make sure to actually set an appointment in my calendar.

My friend, it all comes down to this: Stress is way too common in our society today, but it doesn’t have to be part of your life. Stress is a choice. We all have circumstances in our lives that can cause stress, but we each have to either choose stress or stress relief.

Today I’ve given you one simple, effective strategy proven to kill stress! Now it’s up to you to use that strategy. So come on, it’s FUN!

I want you to take just a minute right now to think about who you know who really needs to have more fun in life. Who do you know who always seems overwhelmed, or who is always looking for a way to cope with their stress? It could be anyone from your next-door neighbour to your colleague, your spouse or child, or even a church member. Go ahead and share this message with them right now! This one simple strategy will encourage, motivate and inspire those who receive it, and it will be because you were generous enough to share it. You can forward this email, post this link on social media, or even print it out and actually pass it around today.

How Networking Really Pays You – Andrew Chenery

In today’s economy, most people would consider themselves lucky to have a job at all, right? How about you… even if it’s in a position you never expected, it pays the bills. You’re one of the fortunate ones, who has no need to struggle to even need or get an interview.

It might be you are one of those brilliant people who adopted the “employeepreneur” mindset and already has made great progress in your career. But, too often, one major factor gets overlooked by people who either have or need a job and it’s one they truly NEED.

You have to understand, the marketplace continues to evolve. While some tactics and skills are timeless and thus, the same today as they were 20 years ago, the media and methods may have changed vastly. One classic example is “social media.” Too often, seasoned professionals might view social media as a waste. Guess what? They’re ignoring thousands of pounds in potential income!

It isn’t just about using Facebook to market to your friends and sell them products. Although, yes, there is a way to do that without coming off as a slimy, obnoxious person who is quickly “unfriended.”

But here’s the mistake I see people make, and I’m sure you might have fallen into this trap at some point. You have a job, and even though it isn’t your dream job, you are thankful. But because you are working — you are not really motivated to keep your resume or portfolio up-to-date. You are not motivated to take extra classes to increase your skill sets. And the worst of all, you are not motivated to KEEP networking!

Anything can happen at anytime, and I know you know that! Your company could go belly up, relocate or experience major layoffs. Some emergency may even come up in your life requiring you to leave your position.

But if you aren’t continually networking, you are doing yourself a disservice. If you don’t network, chances are people won’t randomly offer you your dream job or a higher-paying position. If you lost your job tomorrow, your network would likely be nonexistent, right?

This doesn’t mean you have to sign up for a Facebook account. But you do need to get yourself out there! Community networking events, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google Plus, Reddit…wherever, whenever. There are people all around you looking to talk about their passions, connect, exchange business cards and if you make a big impression — who do you think will be the first to come to mind when they need to hire someone for a job?

It isn’t about technology, it’s about creating relationships. And the majority of today’s networks are online. You might have neglected (or ignored) your network, but it isn’t too late to get caught up!

You should also be grooming your online reputation. When you put your name in a search engine, what comes up? Nothing? Or a profile page full of unprofessional photos? Imagine the message you’re sending to the world — literally. But, the wonderful thing about networking: it offers a chance to market and brand YOURSELF. And with online profiles you create, you have total control over that image.

Trust me, a lot of employers do search engine checks on prospective applicants, along with the standard background check. If you are looking for work or seek higher employment altogether, this is something you can’t ignore!

Take control of your online imprint today, and leave me your comments on today’s message. If you are one of those building your social media network, share or like today’s post on Facebook or Twitter and get in on our community. We’re talking and networking every day.

Earn Extra Income – Andrew Chenery

Financial Peace UK

Do you have a passion and a desire to succeed?

Bill - Network Marketing

You do not need any qualifications to be part of this business, actually you do, you need to have a heart beat and the ability to breath, and that’s it, -however you do need to be professional, ambitious and customer focused, oh yes and the desire to have fun doing it.

Due to the high level of demand we need to recruit and train more people into this business. If you want to be part of our expansion plans, your investment will be £100 inc vat, which you will have refunded after securing your third client.

The benefits of joining us are:

  • Low set up costs (no premises required)
  • High return on investment
  • £2000 – £83,000 per month earnings potential
  • Excellent in-depth training programme
  • No previous experience is necessary
  • Experienced, strong & supportive leadership team
  • UK based PLC & UK…

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Control Your Happiness – Andrew Chenery

Hey Friend,
Have you ever been dissatisfied at work? Have you ever awakened in the morning and thought, “I don’t want to go to work today! It’s so boring. I hate my boss. I can’t wait to get another job so I can finally quit this one!”

What I’m going to tell you today may not be what you want to hear, but I promise you, it will totally eliminate those thoughts and feelings of dissatisfaction in your job. You will learn how to turn your boring, unfulfilling job into a satisfying and fulfilling job, and maybe even get raises, bonuses and promotions!

Friend, did you know you actually have the ability to change your environment without changing your physical location? How? Your environment starts in your mind. It exudes from your being.

Hating your job NEVER opens the vault to blessings. It will, however, decrease your productivity. It will open the door for you to gossip about your boss or to waste time on Facebook and surfing the web. Hating your job will never help you become proficient or to find shortcuts to help you raise the company’s revenue or make you more valuable in the workplace.

Hating your job will cause you to avoid your boss and the people who are at the top, who actually need to see your good attitude, good work, excellence and diligence.

What if you hate your job, but you can’t find another one? Friend, I’m sure this is not the first job you’ve hated, and I guarantee if you go to another job, you will come to the same place of hating that job, too. It doesn’t matter if there is something you don’t like about your job. You must prosper where you’re planted.

The bottom line is, you cannot wait for your work to give you satisfaction; you must find satisfaction in your work.

When you hate your job or your boss, you complain about it. You become that person no one wants to work with. You become that person who does just enough so you don’t get fired, and your boss pays you just enough so you don’t quit.

Have you ever diligently worked at something that was not your job? How did it feel to complete something with absolute excellence? You did the work, but it didn’t feel like work. Maybe you work with diligence and excellence as a parent. Maybe you volunteer in a retirement center. Or perhaps you are the “room parent” in your child’s class at school. Whatever it is, you work diligently, and you get an awesome satisfaction and confidence no one can take away from you.

So today, instead of having the attitude of, “I hate my job. I don’t want to go to work today,” focus on changing your work environment. (Remember, your environment starts in your mind.) Don’t think of it as a job. You are a partner in the company. This is your work, not just a job. You are contributing to the company.

Give it your best and work with excellence in everything your hands touch today. I guarantee that when you change your mindset, your attitude will change, and you will feel more satisfied. You will be more confident and people will want to work with you. Your boss will want to give you raises and promotions, and your whole work environment will change.

If you are an employer, it would be a great idea to pass this along to your employees today. Forward the email, or even print it out and hand it out to everyone in your company. Send this to your friends, family and colleagues. You can even share it on Facebook and Twitter!

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