Financial Prayer

Prayer over Finances: Father God, I come before your throne in the name of Jesus.

I thank you for giving me the keys of Heaven to unlock Heaven’s provision in the earth.

For my provision comes from Heaven.

My God shall supply all my needs according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus.

Thank you, Father, that all your riches are available for me now, bought and paid for by my Lord Jesus.

The Devil, the thief, has no right to stop my cash flow. I have authority over him.

Whatever I bind or forbid on earth, Heaven backs me up. I declare right now, Satan you take your hands off my money, take your hands off my provision. Any person related to my cash flow, the business I work for, any organisations related to my financial supply are off limits to you (including my hostesses, clients, customers, team members and prospects). You cease in your activities, desist in your plans and ideas against me right now in every way, you stop harassing my cash flow right now in the Name of Jesus. I bind you Satan, in Jesus name you cannot hurt my cash flow from now on.

I declare in the Name of Jesus, the provision that God has made available to me belongs to me and I declare right now that financial provision.

Financial abundance, flow into my life through 2020

The whole year I declare business deals come my way.

Everybody wants to do business with me.

God send me the right deals and right business.

I receive financial increase.

I receive better jobs (appointments, parties, shows, clients, customers, ventures, etc…).

I receive increase in salary (bonuses and commissions).

I receive unexpected money from unexpected sources.

I receive positive tax returns.

I receive inheritance from distant relatives.

I receive money in the mail.

I receive money from every direction – North, South, East and West.

Money comes to me because God can trust me.

I declare I am blessed of God.

I am a blessing to the church and to the poor.

I have plenty and more than enough to give to every good work…