We all like stuff, we all love buying stuff, but its the stuff you’ve bought that has got you to where you are now. We want everything, we want the best and worst of all we want it NOW. We all have adverts, promotions & offers thrown at us everyday and from all angles. Plus we get tempted into buy now pay later, interest free credit for 2 years etc etc and this is killing us.

The worst thing is that we want dessert before dinner and what I mean by this is that if we can’t afford it, if we can’t wait to save up for that o’so important thing, then we find a quick way of buying it and when we’ve bought it we say “that was easy – I got credit – I’ll do it again” and without notice we soon have not only the things we want we have more pieces of paper coming through our letterbox saying how much we owe each month. Not only that we will force our families to go without essential items so that we can finance our stuff.

I hope you enjoy your stuff !!

But now I’m here to say enough is enough, it’s got to stop. If you really need it keep it, if not sell it & pay off the credit you took out to buy the stupid thing, and learn.

Many of us including myself have had good jobs with good income and we think we have no risk when we see something we want and go purchase it, it feels good, we have rewarded ourselves with that thing we wanted, then we want that next bigger thing which we take out a little credit to help purchase, and on it goes until one day you get called into the bosses office thinking you’ve got promotion and he says they are downsizing & you have a months notice. Life happens and we’ve all made mistakes, but having been there and hit the floor, I want to help you get back up too.

Call us now on: 07930 464461 or email: to arrange a visit our visit.

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