How to Spend Your Tax Refund –

Tax refund
Hi Friends,
I’m sat in my office this morning thinking about what happened to a friend yesterday, when he told me he’d had a nice tax refund from Her Majesty’s Government, and what he was going to spend it on, but it made me start thinking.

What is a tax refund? I know it may sound silly, but I really want you to think about it. What is it?

A tax refund is just that – a refund of your own hard-earned money. It is not a random gift or a stroke of good luck. It didn’t just come out of nowhere… and it’s NOT extra money. It’s money you worked hard to earn.

According to research  half of us receive refunds, averaging around £1500 each. And while that may seem like a huge relief to some people, it may look like a free shopping trip to others. But today I want us to look at what it really is.

See, we all live in a total “microwave” society today, where we do what we want, when we want, just because we can, without giving any thought to our financial future. And where has that got us? We have traded our financial freedom for more stuff, more debt and more bondage.

We fall into the trap of “more-more-more,” until we find ourselves buried alive in debt. So many people are in constant financial strain, and yet we are more concerned about our stuff than we are about our long-term financial future!

I know right now you’re saying, “Okay Andrew, so what does this have to do with my tax refund?”

There’s one rule proven to be true over and over again, and it is true here. Find out what everyone else is doing and do the exact opposite. You may have heard me say this before: 98% of the population will end up dead or dead broke by the age of 65, dependent on their friends, family, or the government as their main source of income. On the other hand, 2% are doing well financially.

So what can you do to cross over from the 98% to the 2% this tax season? Here are a few ideas:

  1. Keep your goals in mind. When you get a large, unexpected (or expected) chunk of money in your hand, it can be easy to lose sight of the financial goals you have set for yourself. Whether you have a goal to pay off £10,000 of debt, give £10,000 away to orphans, or invest £10,000 this year, do not lose sight of that goal!
  2. Resist temptation. There are all kinds of sales and advertisements, and even articles from so-called “financial experts” giving tons of ideas on how to spend your tax refund this year. They are trying to sell you everything from new clothes to a new BBQ, video games, or even a deposit on a new car. I’m telling you, don’t go there!
  3. Invest. So instead of spending your tax refund foolishly, choose to put that money aside for investing! This way you have a chance to make your money work for you without the fear of losing big.

Here’s what I know about you. You are not called to be one of those people. You were designed for wealth and freedom. How do I know that? Because you are here right now, reading this. Because you have a desire to succeed financially. You have a desire to see your children, your friends, and your community live debt-free, totally financially independent lives.

I would love to know what you think about today’s message. Are you getting (or have you got) a tax refund this year? What do you plan to do with it? I can’t wait to read your comments. But I also have a few more ideas on how to spend your tax refund that I can’t wait to share with you tomorrow. Stay tuned!

I pray you choose wisely today to invest your time and money into building your future not destroy it.

Have an awesome day & stay blessed


Get Paid For Doing Your Chores –

Cash pic

Hi Friends,

As we are on the crest of a new season, it is the perfect time to sit down and figure out what you would like to happen in the next few months. What would you like to accomplish, where would you like to go?

This is a great time to clean out your garage, de-clutter that attic, organize the cupboards and clean out your car. That probably wasn’t the fun answer you were looking for, but let me explain how all of this can actually HELP you out.

The season we are prepping to enter is all about fresh, new things. SO today I want to share a few fresh ideas to help you dump the old and fatten your wallet while you’re at it.

1. In the coming weeks, the weather will start getting nicer – it’s just got to… right!? So start planning a garage sale! As you’re cleaning your house, sorting through the clutter that has accumulated over the last year, and organizing the garage, use this opportunity to get rid of the things you no longer use. Have the kids grown out of their clothes and shoes? Do you have extra tools lying around that never get used? You can even get together with several other families and have a huge multi-family garage sale! This is a great way to make some quick cash AND rid your home of all that clutter.

2. As you are cleaning behind the washer and dryer or vacuuming the sofa cushions, start a coin collection. You’d be surprised how quickly coins add up between the cup holder in your car and the pile on your dressing table.

3. Stop going to the car wash. By cutting your own lawn, washing your car or pets at home, you will save pounds in the long run. Now that the weather will be more bearable there is no excuse to pay someone else to do work around the house.

Those may seem like 3 very small things that may not matter very much. But here’s what most people get wrong when it comes to money: They think they have to wait to pay off their debt until they can do it all at once. They think they have to make huge changes or no changes at all. They think the small changes or actions are insignificant, so they don’t make them.

But the TRUTH is, small, simple steps lead to big results. If you wait until you make more money or you win the lottery, or you can afford to pay off all your debt at once, you will stay broke and in debt the rest of your life.

So choose today to make the small changes. Choose to follow the tips I gave you today. And I would really love to hear your best spring cleaning tips as well – especially if they will help others save money or make money! Leave me your comments and be sure to Like and Share today’s message.

Stayed blessed and have an amazing day.


Utility Prices Still Going Up? – Andrew Chenery


Now’s the time to change for your household or business…

We’ve all seen the headlines and shocking news that energy companies are still pushing up our bills whilst announcing huge profits, and we can do little about it.

Well now is the chance to change that – at least for your household or business.

If you were shown a way to reduce your utility charges each month, with no obligation to take the offer – would you want to see how much you could save?

A local business now offers you that chance. Based in Felixstowe,
Financial PeaceUK can come and show you how you can start saving money, for the same products!

• What does paying less mean to you?
• How would you like to save money?
• Does the cost of having the heating on worry you?

Well we can help reduce those costs for you, taking away those worries!

An appointment with you is totally free, we do not charge you anything – and remember you are under no obligation to take these savings available if you choose not to – we only ask that you take a look.

We can show households and businesses how they could save money on their utility bills despite having contracts with other providers. If you are happy with the savings we can make you, we will take care of making the changes, and again we do not charge for this – we want you to have total Financial Peace!

P.S. Should you decide to accept our offer, there are also savings to be made on other shopping purchases.

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Avoid these Sales Tactics

I know you’ve probably heard that you can’t change other people. There have been lots of people who have said that. You’ve probably had other people try to change you, as well. But I want to bring that topic to light in a different way today.

The fact is, you cannot change people. And you cannot convince other people to change. You can’t convince them to feel different than they feel.

Through my early years of being in business, I tried to convince people that my product was the best product they would ever get their hands on, and the opportunity in front of them was the best opportunity they’d ever have. But the more I tried to convince people of these things, the more they would run in the opposite direction!

When you try to convince people, or you try too hard to close them on whatever it is you want them to do or how you want them to think, they will dig their heels into the ground and will not go along with you. That’s just how it works.

Or it may look like this: You actually change who you are in order to convince another person. You may even put yourself in a situation where you are begging and groveling, or even kissing up to the person in order to get them to say yes.

You could be trying to convince your spouse to get on board with paying off your debt, but you’re getting a lot of resistance. Or maybe you’re trying to convince your boss to go along with your idea of how to grow the sales of the company. You’re really excited about it, and you keep pushing to try to convince them. You’ve given them the facts and figures, but you are getting nowhere.

So then you get frustrated with that person. At this stage, people often try to convince others using sarcasm or manipulation. You then resort to begging and groveling.

Have you ever done that? I know the answer is yes – we’ve all done it! But tell me, how well does that work? It doesn’t! Even if you’ve successfully convinced someone to do something, they only did it to shut you up! And if that’s the only reason they said yes, they didn’t actually make the decision to buy your product or service or to go along with the new management plan you presented at work.

They bought into the mindset of, “I’ve got to shut this person up and get them off my back!” That’s what you were selling them! They were NOT sold on what you think you were selling. They may give in for a little while, but they will eventually go right back to their original opinion.

I hope you’re understanding me today, . If you are trying to convince other people to do something, it will not work. Even if they say yes one day, you will have to convince them again tomorrow, and the next day, and the next.

Begging and convincing and kissing up to someone, all to close a deal or make a sale, will not lead to long-term success. It will not build your confidence. Manipulating people will destroy your confidence.

If you have a tendency to convince through manipulation or begging, you may want to evaluate yourself. A lot of people do this without even realizing it. So take an honest look at yourself today, and look for how you can improve in this area. Ask yourself, “What skills do I need to be able to communicate in a way that is not manipulative? What skills will help me communicate my point without people feeling pressured? What will help me to bring others to agreement without having to beg them?”

You can learn a new skill, and you can learn a new way of communicating with people that builds your confidence and creates a mutually beneficial relationship.

When you learn a more mature and professional way of communicating, you will find that you are able to close more deals and actually create long-term success for yourself. Then when the other person says yes, you don’t have to worry about them changing their mind. They made the decision on their own and they are ‘all in’ because of the way you communicated – NOT because you begged or convinced them.

So what is the right way to close someone on something, whether it’s at work or at home? How do you build your confidence instead of destroying it?

You confidently present your product, service, or idea, knowing that you have worked with diligence and excellence, to the best of your ability. At that point, I leave the rest up to God! (This is how I choose to live. You can live whichever way you want.)

I don’t want something at the expense of someone else who doesn’t want to be part of it. I don’t want to be the one who manipulates people and causes bitterness and resentment in other people. I hate manipulation with a passion. So do not beg and convince! That robs you of your confidence.

So if you want to build your confidence, stand firm and have faith that you will make it! Have faith that it’s going to work, regardless of whether or not this one person agrees with you or is against you, and you will see results in your business, career, and even your relationships.

, I think it’s safe to say that most people you and I know could probably benefit from this message today. Whether they are the ones trying to convince and manipulate other people, or they have been on the other side of this equation. So go ahead and forward this email to them, or even share the link on Facebook and Twitter.

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Don’t tell Lies in Business

How do you feel about liars? I think I probably know your answer on that one, cause you and I probably feel the same about them. But what I find so fascinating is that most people don’t like when people lie, but a lot of people seem to have no problem with telling little white lies. And let me just explore this with you for a minute.

I think it’s safe to assume that most people would say they don’t lie. If asked, most would say, “You can trust me, I don’t lie.” But a lot of those same people would turn around and tell a little white lie. Maybe they were supposed to be somewhere and they weren’t, or they give you a lie as to why they didn’t respond to an email. It could be a little, tiny lie, and they think that’s somehow okay.

You may not realize this, but an excuse is also a well planned little lie. You know the ones I’m talking about – saying you’re going to be somewhere and then you’re not there, so you make up a little story as to why you couldn’t show. I’m sure a few occasions from your past pop into your head.

Throughout the years, I have caught a lot of people in a lot of different lies, both little ones and big ones. In fact, I grew up with pathological liars. There was a benefit to growing up in the home I grew up in, with all the drugs and abuse and lies – I have this discernment that can sniff out untruth.

And I’m here to break some news to you. If you speak untruths – big or small, it all has the same effect. The second someone catches you in a lie your word is less valuable to them. Even if it was just a little mishap.

I want you to think of how you feel when you know someone has told you a little lie. I’m not talking about the big things – I’m talking about the little lies that don’t really even have a point. Just little inconsistencies and exaggerations. Don’t you start to take their stories or promises with a grain of salt? Sometimes you even dig deeper to try to see if something they said is actually the truth.

Let me give you a quick example on how a small lie can make a big difference. Your office manager asks you to run to the shop and pick up some supplies. He asks explicitly for the cheapest paper in the shop. You run out, but you are in a rush so you just grab whatever and call it good.

When you return your office manager isn’t stupid, he can see right away you grabbed a brand name, so he asks, “This is the cheapest?” and you say, “Yep.”

Because you’re thinking, what’s the big deal? So I paid an extra pound. The deal isn’t the paper, or even the money. At that moment the big deal is you lied about something so stupid and so unnecessary! This type of action and white lie causes your manager to think less of your word, and less of your character. And when it comes time to pass out promotions that little lie (or more likely you have used many little ones at this point) will hold you back.

If you aren’t faithful with the little things, if you aren’t being truthful about the little things – you will never be trusted with the big things! So maybe you’re in home business or this situation doesn’t really apply to you.

But the effect these white lies have on your relationships is even worse. Man if there is distrust, excuses, and little lies littering your relationship with your spouse, family or even close friends, those relationships are probably strained. And it is likely causing you unneeded stress and conflict. Lies deteriorate your relationships!

Big, small, white, black, exaggerations, excuses, well planned, spur of the moment. Steer clear from any type of lie! You may think what’s the big deal, it isn’t hurting anyone (if you manage to get away with it). But it hurts you in a huge way, spiritually.

Just admit you blew it, you forgot, you fell asleep and remedy the situation. Clear the air and move on! Wouldn’t you appreciate if the people you spoke to didn’t give you some crap excuse or little lie about things? Then it’s time to start living it yourself! And you might want to pass it on. Like, share and leave comments here.

Print this out right NOW, and start teaching this to your kids immediately. Let them know that the dog ate my homework excuse ain’t cutting it in this household. Your character and your word determine your success in relationships, career and life!

Thank you for reading today’s daily thought I look forward to speaking to you again soon. In the mean time have a great day.

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3 Easy Ways to Business Success

When you’re starting in business, or thinking about it, you might get stuck wondering where you are going to find customers. Making sure you grow your business and reaching the community is important, especially when you are new!

What holds most people back is they fear having to buy advertisements or that they have to beg their friends to buy or support their product. You probably even know a few people like this, shamelessly pushing their business on Facebook right now.

It doesn’t have to be like that! In fact building and creating a loyal customer base is simple. And it all starts with your relationships – not your product and not your advertising.

For years my business operated off personal referrals and testimonials. In fact, for the most part we still do!

Our sales teams wear t-shirts or badges that say stuff like, “Ask how I get paid.” And you know what, it worked. People would stop them in the street and ask them. My sales team focused on generating a relationship with that person NOT with selling them. It cost us nothing.

When you’re just starting out, you may feel a little overwhelmed so here’s how to start the personal referral chain and generate business all for free!

1. Make a list of everyone you know! You have no idea how many people you come in contact with daily that you have influence over. It could be the bank teller, your hair dresser, or your best friend. THOSE ALL COUNT. So write them down on this list!

2. Focus more on your relationships with people than about your products. An easy way is giving referrals first. If you have an acquaintance who is selling a GREAT product, let your circle of influence know. Likely, that acquaintance will do the same for you in return. Even giving personal referrals for friends who are looking for work can only ever come back to benefit you.

3. Remember to keep your personal list updated. Everyone you meet should go on that list so you are always adding to your list of resources. And if you can, keep it personalized! Write down birthdays, kids names and ages, wife’s name, special events. Don’t fake the relationship, be real about it and let them know you actually care about them – not their money.
Look, if you have no customers or no job opportunities it means one of two things. Either people don’t know you’re out there, or they know you are there and you don’t have a good relationship with them and they don’t care to work with you.

Imagine if everyone on that list you made was willing to work with you, can you imagine the doors that would open for you?

Start the cycle of referrals by sharing today’s Daily Thought, and leave your comments.

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3 Simple Steps in Starting a Home Based Business

3 Simple Steps after starting with the company :

1. Visit your friends & start saving them money. (They are happy & trust you for helping.)
2. Get paid month after month ongoing. (You are happy.)
3 Repeat.

That’s all there is to it.

YES it’s very simple
YES it works (everyone wants to save money)
YES You can do it

If you go on holiday for a month & do nothing – you still get paid.

This is the beauty of Residual Income – being paid for doing something once.

There are no catalogues, no door to door, no products. Just talking & sharing with people you do life with & they will thank you for helping them – its a relationship builder.

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2 Tips for Success filled Training

Today I want to spend a few minutes talking to you a little bit about investing. Most people work their butts off to pay off their debts and if they start a savings account, they think they’re doing really good. And maybe eventually they save up a good little nest egg.

From that point on their financial goals start to wane, if they have financial goals at all! Maybe they start saving for a vacation. But the bottom line is a lot of times, that saved money has no bigger purpose. It’s just money you’ve saved to spend later, right?

You absolutely should have a nest egg because you never know when circumstances in your life may change. But what you also need to realize is that money is seed. If you truly want to stop being a slave to money and start making money work FOR you, you have to plant it and let it grow.

Here are two big secrets to investing:
1. You have to realize that there is something called inflation in our nation, the cost of living and other expenses increase every year. This means that the money sitting in your savings account is actually worth less as time passes. If all you ever do is put money in a bank account, you will actually be able to afford less and less. Numbers do not equal wealth.

You may have heard me mention that you need to make money your slave instead of the other way around. All that starts with knowing exactly where all your money goes. Usually when I am showing people how to create their budget I suggest giving 10% to charity, 10% to savings and to live off the remaining 80% (which breaks down into fun budget, food budget, bills, etc).

Ultimately, only you know what percent works best for your personal budget. But you might want to consider putting another 5-10% or, if your budget is tight, consider taking a portion of what would go into your savings account and set it aside for investing or growing your account. This way you have money set aside for growth and if you lose out or something happens, it doesn’t affect your nest egg.

You think your money is safe in a bank account because you don’t run the risk of losing it. Which is true, I’ve witnessed people research for days and still lose thousands of pounds on investments. But you also won’t grow.

2. There is, however, one investment that always gives you 100% return on what you put in. It is the gold mine of investing that gives consistent results in every area of your life, including your finances.

Yourself! If you are continually investing in yourself, your knowledge and your skill sets raise your value in the marketplace automatically. There is no replacement for what your expertise has to offer. And the more you refine that and pour into that, the bigger your bank accounts will grow, guaranteed.

If you are one of those who is generally squirmish about where to invest or what market to get into, consider using that money you set aside to learn a new skill, or to expand on one you already have.

If you’re looking for a blueprint or cheat sheet on where to invest or how, there isn’t one. All the research and knowledge of stocks or property in the world do not guarantee anything. Even those with years of experience meet misfortune. Maybe that new skill set you invest in could be learning about the real estate market. But don’t use your lack of knowledge as an excuse!

I have a question for you. You may have kids at home that are getting older, maybe even some have a job already. Have you been teaching them how to make wise financial decisions and what a budget is? Do they follow a 80/10/10 rule or something like it? If not, today’s Daily Thought would be a great start. Print it out and start that conversation tonight at dinner.

Make sure to like and share this message, and let’s demolish this fear of investing, or this lie that it is only for a select group of people. Imagine a country where we are all growing our seeds and becoming financially independent!

Top Tips To Success

Without a change of course, there can be no change of destination. It’s such a powerful statement, and so true. Think about it. In life, we often expect a different destination, but we stay on the same road and we are shocked when we don’t arrive at the place we say we want to arrive.

Life, success, goals, and designing our lives is really not that difficult. . For example, if your going onto a training course in Monaco South of France, it’s as simple as booking a ticket. When you’re booking that plane ticket, the first questions you have to answer are where are you leaving from, where are you going, and what are the dates?

Obviously the method of transportation you chose was an airplane. So that plane has a course, and the course leads to the destination. Say you’re leaving from Heathrow airport, and you would like to leave on May 16th, and you’d like to fly home on May 20th.
So you’ll head to the airport at Heathrow and you board the airplane. That pilot has a course. He has a fully charted course that is going to lead the plane and the 250 passengers in the plane to the destination of Monaco.

Success truly is that simple. The problem is, we come from this lottery society that expects their destination to just fall out of the sky and land on them. If the destination is becoming debt free, they think they will get lucky someday, whether it’s winning the lottery or somehow the ‘debt fairy’ is going to come take the debt away. Or people have this idea of the destination of getting a promotion in their job or becoming the VP of a company someday or running a very successful business.

That’s the destination they want, but the course they chose does not lead to that destination. Whatever your desired destination, you have to look at your course to determine whether or not you will get there. If the destination is having a harmonious, passionate, fulfilling marriage and family life, you have to make sure your course will lead you there.

Let’s go back to the pilot. What did the pilot have to learn? He had to learn how to fly. He had to learn how the airplane works. He had to learn how to land that thing in case of an emergency. He has to know how to solve problems all along the way. There are so many skills he had to learn in order to chart the course, take the plane 35,000 feet in the air, and stay on course until he gets all of the passengers safely on the ground at their destination.

It’s the same for you with paying off your debt or growing in your business or career. It’s the same for you with succeeding in marriage and raising successful kids. It’s the same for your health, or even a goal of feeding orphans or volunteering your time with the elderly. We don’t have any problems picking a destination. The issue is charting the course.

You have to chart the course and evaluate – What skills do I need in order to get to my destination? The bottom line is, without a change of course, there can be not change of destination.

Most people have chosen a course that does not lead them to where they want to go. And then, of course, there are the people who have not even picked out a destination. There are others who have charted a course, but they ran into some thunderstorms and they quit. They quit when they ran out of skill instead of gaining more skills.

It takes skill to reach your destination, and you can learn those skills. You can push through the places where you have run out of skill or you don’t know how to solve a problem or you don’t know which direction to go. You can invest into more skill so you can learn how to solve that problem. Just like a pilot runs into a thunderstorm, but he has the skill to navigate through it and exactly what course to take in order to reach the destination.

So today I want you to evaluate your course. Will it get you where you want to go? If not, you either have to change your course or change your destination. And if you change your course, what skills do you need to successfully chart out your course and to get to your destination?

If this has helped you today, please do me a quick favor. There is somebody else you know who needs to hear this. There is someone you know who may be off course in their finances, business, career, or personal life, and they are searching for direction. So go ahead and pass this message along to them. You can forward this email, or just post this link on Facebook and Twitter.

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J-O-B Respect


Hi Friends

Today I want to talk to you about a mindset that is very common in the world of home business, and it is very limiting and very harmful to your future success.

You have probably encountered someone with this mindset, either in person or on Facebook. They talk about how horrible it is to have a job. You know, a J-O-B, ‘Just-Over-Broke’. These people try to recruit people into their business so they can finally ‘fire their boss’ and ‘break free from their 9-5 prison’. Many people use these phrases without even realizing what they’re even saying, or the result of the words they speak.

But today I want to pick this mindset apart and expose the truth about it. Because it really does set you up for failure, whether you have a job or career, or you are a business owner.

First, let’s talk about the business owner who tries to recruit people using these tactics. They say, “Hey, you still have a J-O-B? Come on, it’s time to fire your boss and start creating your own success, not your boss’s!”

But tell me, what kind of people do you think you will attract by motivating them by how much they hate their job and their boss, or by their feelings of being ‘trapped in a J-O-B’? You are painting a picture of being ungrateful and unhappy. You plant negative thoughts in their minds about their job or their boss, which then causes them to think and act negatively at work.

Because of the thoughts you have put into their minds, they are no longer prospering where they are planted. They are not working with excellence and diligence in their job because they now have a completely different perspective. They heard about a business opportunity, and suddenly their view of having a job totally changes. And if they can’t prosper where they’re planted when working at a job, what makes you think it will be any different when they get started in your business?

So you are not only sabotaging yourself here, by creating an attitude in that person that, quite frankly, you’re not going to want to work with even if they did decide to work with you in your business. But you are sabotaging the other person’s success in their job. It is not beneficial for you OR them. It does not help you build a business.

Not to mention, you reap what you sow. If you put those kinds of thoughts about their job into that person’s mind and they rip up their roots to move to your bright and shiny opportunity, what’s going to happen when someone else comes along and feeds them negative thoughts about you and your business and then offers them a different bright and shiny opportunity? They’re going to take it! And why? Because you reap what you sow.

I also want us to look at the other perspective – the employee. See, if you allow yourself to start listening to those phrases and speaking them, they will take root inside of your mind. It will cause you to hate your job, hate your boss, hate the people you work with, and hate that you have to work at a job 9-5.

But tell me, can you have that kind of attitude towards your 9-5 life, and then after-hours, turn around and have a good, positive mindset of an entrepreneur? NO! You can’t.

Not only that, but what is your work environment like when you have that mindset? You are just there sucking the air out of that place. People don’t like being around negative people. And guess what! When you hate where you are and what you’re doing, you are negative!

Please understand me when I say this – I am NOT bashing any industry or business. And I’m NOT saying you shouldn’t start a business, or even that you shouldn’t work a business full-time. I am simply exposing a very damaging mindset that has become very common, because I truly care about your success. I want to see you succeed.

Our culture tells us that if we’re not happy, we should move on to something else that will make us happy. It is because of that mindset that people are so easily tantalized and seduced into other bright shiny opportunities. It is because of that mindset that people do not have roots. They decide they don’t like what they’re doing, or ‘it’s not working’ or they get bored, so they uproot themselves and move on to something different without even giving themselves a chance to succeed in anything. The bottom line is, the deeper the roots, the bigger and better the fruit.

Now that you can see what this ‘J-O-B’ mindset really looks like and the results, you know it is not beneficial. It will not help you grow your business. It will actually hurt you and the people around you.

So set yourself up for success instead of failure today by not listening and giving into the mindset that says it’s a nuisance to have a job. Choose to work with diligence and excellence – both in skill and in attitude – and to prosper where you’re planted, whether that’s a business or a job. Learn to lead others properly and to form mutually beneficial relationships. Protect your future with honor instead of burning bridges. You will be amazed by how successful you will become!

I know you know a few (or several) people who have been affected by this mindset, either personally or by someone they know. It would be wise to go ahead and send this to them now. You can also be proactive and send this message to your employees/colleagues, as well as your business partners today. You can forward this email, or share this link on Facebook and Twitter.

That’s it for today, go out there and make the difference to your life, your family’s lives and to everyone you know and come across today

Stay blessed

Andrew 🙂